What Are We Here For?

  • What Are We Here For?

    Posted by Rachel Adams on March 12, 2022 at 12:01 pm

    When it comes to content, I think any writer has a good shot at making it, especially those of us that have so many scattered interests. There are great ideas in the ether about how to make content creation work in the various platforms we have.

    I noticed a lot of articles listed here, but I would’ve thought this group would be more for sharing methodologies specific to content creation and not just the articles we produce.

    I haven’t yet been one to dive into the freelance market beyond the gaming modules I edited and wrote a while back. I have been “used” as a freelancer three times and I’ve both learned lessons and kind of stepped away from it because of bad experiences. I’d like to try again sometime. Content creation seems a good path to take for a mind like mine.

    At the moment, my husband and I have a couple of passion projects that we’re monetizing and I am the main content creator for those. I’m looking to expand to more passive sources of income as well.

    Is anyone else still here and want to post stuff relevant to content creation – the pitfalls and peaks?

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