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The Palace Upon the Sea

(A Tribute to Poe)

One night, bleak and eerie, where once I loved her dearly,

Our home, where locked away, away, my heart is kept,

The place to keep so near to me, where I must always be,

The spot she left, a stain, the place of where once she slept,

The place I long to be.

I played a tune to the sky, to the stars and to the moon

Upon my clavichord, a tune she used to sing so sweetly.

So awake I played my heart in the night like a loon

When suddenly I heard a faint noise from the sea.

Who, I pondered, could it be?

I listened quietly, to sea, cautiously to see if it must be,

But then the sound, then the sound no more did sound,

And it was no one, it was no one who dearly called to me.

And it was nothing, nothing in the house stirred around

In that palace upon the sea.

Once more I played the run, that sweet sounding melody

And once more, to my surprise, I heard those moaning cries!

I ran to see her grave, out over that black, blackened blue sea

Where nothing, still nothing, did I see with my eyes

From the palace upon the sea.

I retired to my chamber and dreamed of dreaming again hours,

And nearly fell asleep when then I heard that mourning weep.

So I rushed with great power to look upon the sea from the tower

And there, and there and then, was it did my old should weep

In that place upon the sea.

I placed her heart around my neck and rest it upon my heart

And her love flooded my soul and her soul did make me cry.

Once again, now and then, her tormenting soul did start

To torment my soul, my missing love, as to say goodbye,

In the palace by the sea.

In bed I laid, wondering why, why, wishing she hadn’t died.

I never thought, I didn’t think that the sea she’s come to drink.

The sea! The sea I love would take my love, my belle, my bride

But the sea did it hold, and pulled down on her gown to make her sink

By that palace by the sea.

But then, to my tired, tired tormen, did she cry from the sea-

“My love!” I yelled, “My love!” echoed the bellowing walls.

“Come back to me!” I cried, I cried, “Come back to me! To Me!”

I heard her cry her cry, echoing from down the empty. Empty halls

In that palace upon the sea.

She’s come back, my dear love, or has come insanity?

She calls me and I her, but I know it shall not be her!

It can’t be, it cannot be, my bride, lover come back to me.

I killed her! I killed her! This, and this alone, I know for sure!

And Her, it must not be.

It is the halls! It is the walls who make the noise generously.

It is the sea, it has to be, the maker of her mourning cries!

I pushed her into the sea, into the blackened blue sea for surety.

It must be, it must be my mind, my mind, the one that lies.

The cause, surely insanity.

I ran to the tower, that looks over the bleak black blue sea,

That dangles on the cliffs, upon the cliffs so perilously

To the spot, the stain where I caused the atrocity,

Where I did last see of her, and her plunge into the sea

From that palace upon the sea.

And from that tower did my weary eyes come to see

A soul upon the sea and my ears did hear her scream.

Her soul, her soul has come to be, to be my insanity!

And I, to remain since her death, yet once again to dream.

In that palace upon the sea.

I watched with weary eyes, her glow over and upon that sea

And leant I on that gray stone wall where once she did fall.

Tired were my limbs as on my neck her gold heart was heavy.

Then I did sleep, did I sleep, when from the tower did I fall

From the palace into the sea

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