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Midnight Musings: Of Life and Death

A celebration of a life well-lived is just another saying for mourning for a life lost. None of it matters for the dead. It’s all for the living. It’s hard to change death. It’s just as random as life. We don’t get to choose whether we’re born.

Death comes in many forms. It comes as age, it comes as illness, it comes as depression. You don’t know when or who it’ll come for next, but it’ll come for us all eventually. I don’t fear death; it’s inevitable. I fear uncertainty. What happens next? I don’t know. No one is certain. There are beliefs, but no one is sure. That terrifies me, the unknown, but what can I do about it? Nothing.

I know I’ll have happy days as well as sad ones. I know I’ll have moments I look back on with both pride and regret. I wish to be kind. I wish my family and friends a long and fulfilling life along with mine. In the end, I hope people celebrate and mourn me as well.

Yet I’ll never know if my hope will come to fruition because I won’t be here to witness the end.

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