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The One Thing I Stopped Doing to Skyrocket My Affiliate Marketing Earnings

When I first started my affiliate marketing journey, I was drawn to all the colourful videos on YouTube. You know the ones with wide eyes and fake screenshots. I was enthralled by the pull of this type of content. I wasted hours watching every video.

None of their strategies worked.

All they really want you to do is get so frustrated with the lack of results that you pull out your credit card to buy their course.

The one thing I did to skyrocket my affiliate earnings was to stop watching the fake gurus and focus on one highly experienced Internet marketer instead. He does have paid content available but his free stuff is golden. If you are a beginner, buying his paid content is a good investment in my opinion.

I have learned so much from Marcus Campbell(Affiliate Marketing Dude) He is the most authentic affiliate marketer on YouTube and I highly recommend his channel(I am not affiliated with him by the way). I am just very impressed with the content he produces.

So, to increase my affiliate marketing earnings, I stopped watching every Tom, Dick and Harry on Youtube and focused on one very experienced Internet marketing expert. I also focus on one niche instead of a billion different niches. Although, I am thinking about switching it up soon because it seems I am making accidental affiliate commissions from referral links that I just posted once or twice. So,I think it’s time for a strategy meeting(with myself)

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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