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A snowflake

Soft rain danced around her feet, as her shadow followed her in the night. Tranquil and calm, the path echoed with her footsteps.

Time didn’t make sense to her, it didn’t matter. The cold night spoke to her soul, to her heart.

She walked down the path, following it without will, without hesitation. The sky seemed to freeze, her skin growing colder with every moment that passed.

Her eyes graced a falling snowflake, holding color as pure as milk. She held out her hand as the snowflake slowly glided into her palm, melting on touch.

Her thoughts came to a halt, pausing for a moment to dwell into her memories. Piece together the rusty string of life that she had sown over the decades.

“That’s the last hot chocolate you’re getting honey! You’ve already had two whole cups!”

“Okay mommy…” The young girl ran towards the snow-kissed window, her youthful eyes twinkling of the snowy terrain outside.

She took off her thick gloves, to feel the cold window sill on her skin.

“Mommy! It’s so cold!!!” the old woman said in a charming whisper.

“Oh how naïve, I had been!” she said again as she stared into her palm, now wet from the melted snowflake, beaming over that once naïve little girl.

Once again, her shadow stalked her feet as she made her way across the path, the rain growing weaker as snow slowly blanketed the wet grass.

An aroma hit her senses, a familiar one.

“Come grab a cup of tea, for this cold weather Marie! Gee! It’s freezing!”

“Oh, dear Mark, why are you still open in this cold?”

“Counting stars isn’t going to pay rent now Marie, is it? Anyway, the usual?”

“Oh yes Mark! A Macha green tea latte. You know me too well.”

She sat down on a bench nearby, watching Mark stir around the stall, preparing her tea.

“So, considered retirement yet Marie? Old woman now, eh?”

“Why else do you think I’m down here having some fine tea, from the best teamaker in town?”

“Wait really, tell me all about it!!!”

“Some other day Mark.”

“You know I’m never going to understand your brilliant wit woman, it’s too far from my reach. Here’s your tea!”

The warmth of the cup freed her fingers of the biting cold. The hot tea on her lips, rejuvenated old moments of joy.

“I promise to love you for time and time forever. I want to wake up every single day and see your face, kiss you before work, beat you in Mario, hunt for spoiled milk in a game of treasure hunt coz why not, steal a chocolate bar from Mark’s, shoutout to you buddy! Hold hands while we walk down the beach, cook food and then burn my hands trying. I want to live, die and everything in between, with only you. I love you Marie, I love you so much.”

“Do you accept this marriage?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Very well, now I pronounce Ms. Marie Sorbonne your lawfully wedded wife. You may now kiss your bride.”

He pulled her into his arms, his warm embrace wrapped around her as their lips met. Shivers ran down her back. She loved him, with all her heart.

“What ya smiling about?”

“Oh, nothing really. But I have to tell you, your tea is truly marvelous! It really is magic!”

“Thank you, dear Marie!”

She stared at the ground, watching as one flower after the other, slowly withered under the white snow.

She finished her cup and kept it carefully at the counter. She beamed at Mark one last time before, once again, set off down the path.

One step after another, she made her way round a forest, now ascending a hill.

The dark forest cast a comforting darkness over her as she made her way across the trees and snow-kissed flowers. Moonlight shone down at the end of the path as she walked towards the cliff of the hill.

She looked out into the vast night sky. They were all lost, twinkling somewhere, among the sea of stars.

“Hey mom, I got my license finally! I’m on the road right no-”

“Andy? Andy?! Andrew! Answer me! Are you okay?!! ANDREW!”

She took a step back. And stared straight through the stars.

Tears tore her heart, a smile knitted it back. 

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