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My very first Article - Champing!!

So I am trying to get my head around writing articles as a side hustle.

I sent this one in and they said I had potential but didn’t really give me much in the way of improving.

So feel free to give me any pointer, tips or just tell me what I have done wrong.

Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash

“Champing” is the new “Glamping”

Stay in some of the UK’s finest and most ancient churches for a once in a lifetime holiday with a difference. Churches and camping are not things you’d usually put together… that is until The Churches Conservation Trust fashioned Champing!

Photo by Jonas Dücker on Unsplash

The Churches Conservation Trust, a national organisation that protects ancient churches at risk, introduced the world to Champing, a unique concept of camping overnight in historic churches.

The CCT began champing in 2014, when it opened a centuries-old church in Aldwincle, Northamptonshire, to overnight visitors. Initially, the CCT partnered with a local canoe firm to provide lodging in the chapel for visitors exploring the adjacent River Nene.

The CCT decided to replicate it in other regions of the UK as a result of its success.

Champers may now stay at one of 14 different churches around the country for roughly $65 to $79 per night. Regular visitors can visit between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., despite the fact that guests have exclusive overnight rental of the church. Champers are also permitted to hold parties, and some churches even provide breakfast for an additional fee.

According to research, regardless of the size of the structure, only one group stays at a time, and visitors are handed the keys to the church. Champing is becoming more popular as a result of the foreign travel prohibitions imposed by COVID-19. It ensures the safety of its guests and generates revenue for important locations.

Whilst, Champing is a relatively new notion, people have always sought out fresh ways to explore and experience locations, and some are substituting statues, pews, and appealing stained-glass windows with trees, stars, and tents. For many reasons, individuals prefer to stay in churches. Some go there to reflect, while others go there because it’s unique.

So, what do you think? Where did I go wrong?

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