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Death Waits

Death Waits

This was it, the final moment of life.

It was fascinating how after everything I did and survived that I would pass like this, very few hunters survived to die of old age, even the ones that got old enough usually ended at the hands of some baddie in the dark.

I would fight, I knew it was a pointless endeavor, but even still I swore that death himself would have to take me in my sleep if he wanted me to go without a fight. Still I could feel him approaching, with all the inevitability of the grave.

Taking a deep, labored breath, I prepared myself for what was to come.


Blinking I sat frozen for a minute, my brow furrowed in thought as I tried to process what I had just heard.

“Did death just… bark at me?” I mused before forcing myself up onto my elbows and looking around.


Focusing in on the sound, I leaned over the bedside and on the floor a small Jack Russel terrier sat with its head cocked to the side and one ear perked up. As he saw me for the first time, the little dog’s tail seemed to blur in excitement.


The little dog spun around in circles at my question before dropping down in a forward bow.

Sighing, I glanced around the room before pushing myself up to sit. In the back of my mind, I knew that I wasn’t in good enough shape for this, yet at the same time I felt better than I had in twenty years.

Finishing my sweep of the room, I saw no cloaked man with a scythe, no angelic host, no old man with a ticket book.

Glancing back down at the dog that had gone back to spinning in excitement, I sighed again.

“That’s cheating you know,” I grumbled as the small dog bounced foward enough to lick my toe before turning around and watching me over his shoulder.

Standing, I glanced up and noticed the white light that seemed to flood in from the partially cracked door for the first time. Looking back, I saw myself, old and haggard laying on the hospital bed, waiting for one of my old friends to come by and make final arrangements and realized I felt better than I did just a little bit ago.


Glancing back at the dog I watched as he pranced towards the door a few steps before glancing back over at me expectantly.

“Fine,” I grumbled half heartedly before stepping after the dog into the light. “I guess you win this time.”

Ahead of me Death wagged his tail happily as he lead me to where I needed to be.

Death was a Good Boy/Best Boy!

(A/n) Kinda got down in a mood recently, a friend of mine passed away and I began thinking about the different incarnations of Death, how he’s always waiting and patient, and I figured, what if he was just an overly excited doggo waiting for you to get home.

I figured it would be entertaining so I wrote it out and shared it.

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