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Specialized Sirrus V Full Review and Upgrade!

Full Review and Upgrade Parts List!

2019 was the year I finally went into the world of bike shop bikes! I always rode bikes brought from department stores and thought it was good enough. I was in for a treat. 2019 was the year I met the Specialized Sirrus V, my very first bike shop bike! It is a hybrid and I just knew this will be a bike I will ride for the rest of my life! 

My Specialized Sirrus V 2019

Why Specialized Sirrus V?

As I was test riding the Specialized Sirrus V I notice a car backing out the driver didn’t see me and I was inches away from being collided! A day that was meant to be full of joy was about to get real and at that moment it happened! My body moved and the Specialized Sirrus V followed I dodged the car and even raised a hand at the driver to show them I was passing by and that I am ok. It happened so fast and the bike felt so natural it gave me goosebumps! It was love on the first RIDE! 

All the parts I have upgraded!

My awesome Specialized Sirrus V needed some upgrades and this is what I upgraded! 

Handle Bar Lights!

Handlebar End Signal Light, yes, a lot of people in the United States do not know there is such a thing! But, the first thing I upgraded was investing in some signal lights and the Cycl Wing Light was the way to go! You can get yours today by going to this link here! Cars now know if I am turning right or left and it has been the best piece of equipment I ever purchased for the bike. If you are in the city or in a heavy traffic area this upgrade is a Must!!!

Go Pro Mount for my Specialized Sirrus V

GoPro mount was next on the list! I ended up buying the Forevercam mount. It isn’t the best but it really did help with mounting the GoPro and it comes with different mount options! You can save 10% as of July 30, 2022 click here to get yours today! 

Specialized Tracer Pro 2Bliss Ready tires!

The tires needed to be upgraded because I wanted to ride on the dirt trail and wanted to convert my hybrid bike into a gravel bike! I ended up going to my LBS (Local Bike Shop) and they helped me pick up a good set of tires! 

Rear Rack was next on my list and I have to say my LBS really helped me out in finding a very affordable rack to put on my Specialized Sirrus V!