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Why You Should Write Consistently on Medium

Do you write every day on Medium?

Writing is an incredible job. When you write, you need a platform to write your articles. Medium is one of those online platforms you could write for, and you can give your voice while writing on that platform.

When I write on Medium, I love to write every day. I write every day because I love this platform, in the first place, and second of all, my readers’ algorithms feed will be fed — with my content. The more I write, the more their feed is fed — with my content. Thus, writing on Medium often is very important. Especially when you also want to make money, get a reader base, connect with fellow writers, read stories from other writers that inspire you, etc.

Medium is a big community with a lot of writers and more writers coming each day. All these writers comment on other writers’ work, clapping their work, and highlighting each other’s articles; supporting each other in what they want to achieve while writing here on Medium by doing all these things.

Writing consistently on Medium will help you to achieve this dream on Medium.

When you write consistently on Medium, you also get a reader base — the fans of your work. They come back to read your work. When you write consistently, you will be a better writer, and the better you become, the more readers come back to read your work.

I love writing consistently on Medium and giving my opinion about a topic — an article or a poem doesn’t matter. I think it is important to write about my experiences in my life.

We have to acknowledge what is necessary and that this issue does exist.

I want to teach others my experiences, so I warned them, and they can learn from my experiences and look if my tips work for them too. I love to do it for those who need it. Also, I believe everyone can learn something from each other.

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      1. Yes Agnes I have the paid version.

        I guess what I would say is that I haven’t made much yet, but I think more people will jump over to Simily soon as more from Medium are finding out. Will this mean more views because then more stories will be posted? Or will they fall off the homepages more quickly and in turn not get much views? I’m not sure. But for a small fee, I think it’s worth the shot to find out.

          1. That’s totally fair Agnes. Definitely budget dictates and if so, I’d maybe hold off slightly. I don’t think anyone is making any real cash right now. But I can totally keep you updated on how I’m getting on that way over then next few weeks and if it’s building if you want? Maybe help give an idea of how, and if, it’s progressing.