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Fangs of Contempt Dance in the Shade

Did you think it was safe

to come out and be merry

if all this time has passed

since angry looks

crossed paths

with who you were back then,

not knowing if your heart

could ever be undone?

You found out anger stops

destiny in its tracks

ends roads

begins new pathways

marked by fear

and doubt.

Look closely to the shadow

there might be fangs there


The evil that has seen your soul

doesn’t give up so easily

on prey

misguided and forlorn.

Keep friends close

and the love

that comes from moon and flowers

you will not be alone

in the hour when fangs

will try to reach you

one last time.

Spread joy,

be love,

and no harm can befall

who you are meant to be.

In shadow or in sunbeams

walk with your light.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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