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No Hiding Place at Night

Did you think darkness is a cloak

that all you do after sun sets

passes into oblivion,

that no one listens

or can see

your thoughts and steps

breathing wishes

and fears

trying to find solace?

Night light

is not the same

as dusk settling

on soul.

Seen by kindred souls

or the monsters

of fear, anger,


that reach claws

to gather spirits to them.

Once night comes, limits

are blurred,

you can find yourself

having talks

to specters

masked as friends,

tempting you to take

one more step,

another, a leap

into the dark

that stays for always,

a night that doesn’t dwindle

on sunbeams

and crickets.

Roam in night forest

with a candle,

not of this world,

one gleam

that stays in heart,

let it surround you in a halo,

all screams and threats

will find an echo,

kindness turned into weapon

for creatures of the dark

that fear touch of goodwill

above all else.

Be grace,

spread faith

doubting your path

invites a fog

false promises and gifts

that will not reach tomorrow.

Sell your soul

and this night

will keep you trapped


© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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