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Paint Days with Roses, Whisper of Love

What tells your heart

to be content,

smile inwardly

to fragrance

knowing that it belongs

in one story that lasts a lifetime

of smiles

and trust

on the waves

of one emotion running with the winds

trying to keep the breeze

crisp inside rainbow

at one in harmony

the love

you’ve always dreamed of?

Roses greet you in colors

they tell each page

of life

their petals make you light as air

no matter how many days, seconds,

or decades ago

you said your last

I love you.

Why dream when you can touch

the velvet petals of one hope

see wishes alight on the ground

have walks on path of twilight

learn what one glimpse tells

of a thousand songs

remember what you left

out in forest

of sadness,

the anger of being forgotten

is soothed with violin

of cherished love.

No hardship can outlast

the power of a rose,

small, soft,


it will take you to hearts

that share your song.

The fragrance of a rose

teaches you what it means

to know home in a dream

to spread the ivy

of belonging

one rose at a time

climbing on windowsill

to protect sleep,


there is no closer friend

that will stay by your side

than roses of a life

of wonder.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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