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The Last Man

Mohamad, an emaciated, desolate and kneeling man. Waiting for humanity to become extinct. The last one standing, alone, before an extremely powerful blizzard, in the middle of a deserted cabin among the mountains surrounded by snow. 

An avalanche passed over the cabin days ago. The surroundings are full of white dust that the lonely man tries to release in order to get out and no longer feel that claustrophobia that involves living locked up, without help. He knows it, he recognizes that there is no one else alive in the world. That apocalyptic end was not expected by the most conspiratorial being in the universe. One survivor in billions. He was undoubtedly special. How do you know? When the earth is empty, it is palpable. Not the slightest howl of a wolf or the singing of birds. Nothing. A deathly silence that snatches all hope of life. Finally, he manages to displace the disaster and the door is free to leave. Those zero degrees Celsius does not matter much to him because he has nothing to lose, and nothing to gain either.

The survivor’s eyes suddenly widen. Perplexed, stunned and trembling body. A miracle is presented in front of him. Open arms of a being in a ski mask that, without resentment, runs in terror, imprisoned by fear and the incessant cold, and offers a comforting hug to that one, the apparent last survivor. 

— Who are you? — asked Mohamad.

—I don’t know, but I’m glad I’m not alone—. Says the young man with a trembling voice. Both enter to rest from the low temperatures. Mohamad at that moment understood that two was better than one. He feels much more secure now, knowing that the gloomy loneliness is no longer a part of his life. The company of someone you don’t know is an unrivaled accolade. Both get to work, and prepare to make an expedition, in search of more survivors.

The side of the snowy mountain is more beautiful once you see it in total solitude. The Survivors thought as they climbed with the meager strength their muscles gave off, their boots stuck in the mud and hail brushing their faces.

 — Starving. — Said the young man who met Mohamad minutes before. He was relieved that he was not the only one. There had to be more people out there.

— How did you resist so long? — Mohamad asked with his white beard shivering from the low temperatures as they both slowly walked aimlessly.

—I don’t know … — said the young man. An answer that left Mohamad with a bad taste in his mouth.

— What is your name? Don’t tell me you don’t know. —

— You’d be surprised, sir. —

— Don’t you know your name? —

— No. — 

— So what the hell do you know? — 

Head down, the thin guy continued on his way being part of his uselessness. They came to a frozen lake with crystal-laden trees all around it. Just by looking closely at the water, they could see how frozen it was.

— Come on, let’s go sideways— said Mohamad. The young man did not move. — What are you waiting for? The sun is setting. — he insisted. The boy placed his pale feet in the icy water, before Mohamad’s stunned gaze. 

— You’re one of the bloody lucky ones to survive an apocalypse, and do you want to die now? Look, the water, there is smoke everywhere. —

— I do not feel anything. — said the boy. 

— What? —

— I do not feel anything. — he repeated. He dove deep into the lake and began to swim. Mohamad could not understand what he was observing. Glanced up. 

— Am I already dead? Is this paradise? — he thought. 

The head came out like a needle in a haystack. The boy’s hair was damp and sparkling more than ever. 

— Get in the water! — He exclaimed to Mohamad. He hesitated. 

— Tss, stay there. Do not go out. I will follow. 

— Get in the fucking water! — yelled the boy, who in a matter of seconds between his hands got a fish the size of his torso. 

— Give me that fucking fish! — he exclaimed and ran to the shore, threatening to jump, but still imprisoned by the fear of dying of hypothermia. 

— Go on, cunt! —

Mohamad jumped. The water was not part of the rest of the environment. It was an unstoppable shield that moved away from the coldness outside. It was placidly warm. The bearded man couldn’t believe it. 

— What the hell did you do? — he asked 

— I do not know! —

— Then what the hell do you know !? — Mohamad lunged forwards, and they both frolicked in the water for the huge fish. A relief in the midst of the catastrophe.

 —Can you get another one? I don’t know why I’m asking at this point. 

— I think so! 

Sharks, dolphins, fins. Figures Mohamad had not seen for a long time. Everything was peaceful, there was no danger. 

— A fucking whale! —Mohamad shouted when he saw at his side an orca approaching like a cat. It didn’t hurt. 

— Let’s get out of here. I want to eat. 

— We won’t eat. 

— What the hell are you saying? 

— We won’t eat. 

— I heard you! Why won’t we eat? 

— These beings are our friends. 

— Are you kidding me? 

The young man dives into the water and swims in perfect sync with those he calls “friends.” Sea creatures that in natural circumstances would probably have eaten them in seconds. He resurfaced with something in hand.

— Algae! — he exclaimed. 

— Whatever, give me that crap. — Mohamad found nutrients in that nature that he considered ruthless until a few hours ago. He looked at the young man and wondered mentally who his companion really was, and why he survived the apocalypse. A reason to understand why they were chosen.

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