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Those guys are doomed

I cannot express how conflicted I used to feel.

As if things were happening on their own.

As if my presence did not make any difference in the world.

I felt dizzy most of the time.

And all of this started happening after the accident.

I was stuck in a dust storm while exploring the Mahani desert. My husband was there with me as well.

When I regained consciousness, I found myself inside a well.

But I had no idea how I fell into a well in the middle of a forest.

I was literally a captive of the golden sand, how did it get replaced with green creepers, I used to ponder.

I was rescued when the forest officers heard my whimpers while patrolling. They peeked down, and voila.

The next thing I remember was being lifted out by a crane.

The officers asked me some personal questions. Too personal.

‘What’s your name?’

‘Where do you live?’

‘What is the last thing you remember?’

‘Who’s there in your family?’

Now, who asks about others’ family members? It’s personal, they should know.

But I told them everything. I did not want to be perceived as an ignorant person.

And they had the audacity to tell me to my face that the address I gave them was fake.

And the name I told them I was called by, did not exist in the database.

Were they calling me a liar? I am anything but.

Those officers were liars. They told me things that never happened. Who the hell was Hitler? They said he started the second world war. When did first world war happen though? And what was NASA again?

I was perplexed. Nothing made sense.

But when they showed me the news articles and other proofs, I knew exactly what it was all about.

The dust storm was electric. I guess it opened a dimensional portal and I was sucked into an alternate world. The world where there’s a forest where a desert should’ve been according to my world’s geography.

Everything that happened there, did not happen here.

That was why my address and my name were untraceable.

But the question was, how to get back? To my husband, to my very own home?

They laughed in my face whenever I talked to them about it. ‘Take me to a desert, you can let me be there, I’ll wait for another storm.’ I pleaded, but they laughed.

In my world, people are more advanced. They actually believe in parallel worlds theories and some scientists have even unlocked the portal.

But in that world, only worldwide wars, bloodshed, hatred, smugness, and clout-chasing are prevalent.

And without heeding my requests, those stupid officers put me in a mental institution.

Gosh, how inhuman could their treatment methods be? They had locked me in a small four-walled chamber. In fact, all of their rooms had only four walls.

It was suffocating.

But do you know when I got my fair share of the laughs?

When my husband opened and traveled through the portal to reach me.

I cannot tell you how happy I was to finally leave that damned, forsaken world and get back here.

I can wager that world will not survive for more than 100 years.

Those guys are doomed.

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