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The Gun Slinger Of The High Seas.

Concept art by the author-Ankit Priyadarshi; for the cover of his upcoming novel.


A dead body fell in the sea…

Boom! Another shot was fired …


Another dead body lay in the sea…

The time difference between the two shots was precisely two minutes and thirty seconds.

After that, two more shots were fired in succession, only this time into the air.

“…And who reported this?” asked the puzzled policeman.

“Oh! It’s on YouTube!” the other officer replied.

“WTF! Technology is a pain in the ass!” the 1st officer remarked.

“What else do we have?” the 1st officer inquired further.

“Well, quite a lot, to be honest!” the second officer said to the 1st officer, which astonished the latter even more.

“I don’t know how you’ll react after seeing this….”

He was interrupted, “Whatever it is, you can not surprise, Gambini. You can’t imagine the things I have seen in my career, Dicky. Those things could be said to be straight out of hell!”

Dicky’s reply was going to baffle Gambini. –

“Well, sir, what I’m going to show you may well be from hell, but it should be news that hell seems to have developed a comic side.”

“Get to the point!” an understandably irritated Gambini ordered Dicky.

The two officers had entered a room where Officer Dicky turned on a large LCD screen and pulled up the video from youtube.

Gambini noted it was a 5-minute video as it was about to play. The display picture of the channel was an antique gun kept on a piece of cloth.

The first 3 minutes were as Officer Dicky had described, but a little more gruesome, the two bodies, before they became corpses, were not in perfect shape! They appeared to have been beaten nearly to death before they were shot.

While Officer Gambini wasn’t surprised yet, he remembered Dicky mentioning something funny in the video.

Well, his wait was over instantly.

The killer was not in the video yet; the two men who turned out to be dead had fallen from either side of the cruise. The killer seemed to be between them, hidden by the structure of the cruise.

But lo and behold, the killer walks from the side onto the main deck, facing the camera, with an 18th-century pistol (same as the DP of the youtube channel) in his hand and, would you believe it, starts DANCING!!!! The song was ‘Ra Ra Rasputin’ by Boney M!

Dear readers, please watch the video below; the killer danced just like Boney M!

“Don’t tell me I’ve got to watch this bugger dancing for the rest of the video! Although I must admit it reminded me of Liz Mitchell, she was my celebrity crush back in the day!” said a confused and irritated Officer Gambini.

“Oh no, sir! He would jump into the water, and then a cannonball would hit the deck!”

As officer Dicky said that, the killer jumped into the water, and a few seconds later, a cannonball hit the deck and the video ended.

“So we have the killer on video and a YouTube account that uploaded it. Where are we with identifying the killer and the youtube account holder?” said Officer Gambini, getting into the mood for action.

“You mean Youtuber!….” said Dicky as Gambini gave a very irritated look.

“Of course, you meant that. He’s in custody, sir!” said Dicky, clearing his throat.

Gambini hurried towards the interrogation room, Dicky was about to say something but was stopped by Gambini.

“That’s the first sensible thing you’ve said; let’s act on it, anything else later.”

“But sir …” Dicky tried to say something, but Gambini silenced him again.

He entered the interrogation room with a badass air; it looked like he was going to beat up this Youtuber and then ask questions, considering the Youtuber didn’t reveal all the information after the first punch!

As soon as he set his eye on this YouTuber, he almost jumped in astonishment; he looked at Dicky almo bewildered!

This YouTuber was the killer in the video!

“You guys got the killer!” said the stunned Gambini.

“It’s quite astonishing, but we were able to grab him sir!” replied Dicky in a calm and collected manner.

“Have you got the murder weapon, too?” inquired Gambini.

“No, sir! I’m afraid we haven’t, but there’s more to it than that. He has a perfect alibi. He was performing for the Prime Minister at the time of the events. There is even a video that proves he was being felicitated by the Prime Minister when this happened. We’ve also checked all the medical records, there’s no evidence of a twin. Right now we are running a facial scan through our security cameras to confirm his whereabouts.”

“What art form did he perform for the Prime Minister?” asked Gambini.

“He was dancing to the same song!” remarked Dicky.

“Ra Ra Rasputin… this lover of the Russian queen, better come clean, or else he would not be dancing for a very long time.” Said Gambini.

“Easy officer, what would you like to know?” The killer spoke for the first time.

“Hmm … he’s cooperative, I like that attitude!” Gambini said this with a touch of sarcasm.

“So you told Dicky you were with the Prime Minister?” Gambini enquired further.

“There is video evidence of all this and the Prime Minister should also testify to it, but don’t fall for this crap! You saw the video of the ship, right? Just compare it with the video of the PM’s function and tell me who danced better. The other one is obviously an imposter.” the killer remarked.

“So you admit to killing those two guys on the ship?” asked Gambini sceptically.

“Between you and me, yes of course!” the killer confirmed!

“Would you be so kind as to tell us, why?” Gambini inquired, feeling somewhat confused after all.

“Now, don’t you think you are getting too nosy officer?” saying this the killer had angered Gambini. He lost his temper, grabbed the killer by the collar and said, “Who do you think you are?”

Then he slammed his face down on the table.

“You have no idea how pleasant it will be for me and how painful it will be for you, don’t act smart in front of me,” said Gambini.

The killer gave a death stare to Gambini. Though it did not affect him, but the killer became silent after that, no matter what, he did not utter a word.

Then a lady entered the interrogation room. When the killer saw her, he turned his face to Officer Dicky and said, “It was nice to meet you, Officer. You have a very nice name!”

Gambini looked at the lady, and asked, “Who the hell are you?”

“She’s the Russian queen……dickhead!”, The killer replied.

“I’m from the National Guard, here are the necessary papers, signed by the Home Minister. He’s coming with us, now!” the lady said.

“Who is he?” asked a puzzled Gambini. He somehow suppressed the urge to bang the killers head on the table once more.

“He is not a bad guy, as you must have thought. The rest is need to know.” said the lady.

“See, I would have told you myself!” said the good guy (killer!)

Gambini frowned at the killer. The killer said, “Sorry if I have troubled you, but do subscribe to my channel. I will upload an interview with your celebrity crush, Liz Mitchell!”

Gambini’s patience was being tested, but he was smart enough to figure out that this ‘good killer’ had bugged the conference room where he said he had a crush on Liz Mitchell. Instead, he smiled sarcastically at him.

“No meetings are accident officers, we have a bigger purpose to serve. We will meet again at the right time. Please release me now.” said the killer.

“Do you have a name?” asked Gambini.

“Yes, I have one, but I’ve had a fantasy for a very long time to be known by a cool name, something like the Dragonslayer or the Boogeyman, Baba Yaga something like that. Can you think of something that hasn’t been taken yet?”

“Wait, I got it! Until the next time you, remember me as,

‘The Gun Slinger of the High Seas!’ ” said the good killer.

“By that logic, I would like to be remembered as the ‘Head Slammer of the interrogation room.’ ” said a frowning Gambini.

“Now you are pushing it, officer..” replied the killer

“Enough now, both of you officer Gambini and commander Priyadarshi!” said the lady.

“Only if you say so! My dear Bettany.” said the commander.


Hi Guys, hope you enjoyed this little piece of fiction I created after spending a whole night. If you liked this story please show some love and give your feedback, I am giving the link to the Gun slinger’s youtube channel, please subscribe to it there will be interesting updates regarding this story, and who knows an interview perhaps with Liz Mitchell..(#high hopes).


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