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The Day the World Stopped Turning (Chapter 1)

“What is happening?!” Violet said frantically. The sound reverberating through her ears and into her brain was incessant. It sounded like the battle cry of a prehistoric creature launching a verbal attack on all it deemed as enemies. The smell of smoke filled her nostrils and her lungs, making her cough as her eyes continued to water. The fire. She grabbed the nearest tree and felt the cooling sensation calm her, but it was only momentarily. She opened her eyes to see smoke crawling over the hills towards her, slowly yet persistently, like a soft blanket being draped over the ground and then rising towards the sky.

She had been told of the paralyzing force that is fear, but she had never experienced that. Until now. The grass she stood in was almost ankle deep and was bespeckled with small white, purple, blue, and yellow flowers. If it was fire, and she knew deep down that it was, all of this would be destroyed. All of it. The overwhelming reality of it all clawed at her chest like a small child trying to climb up her limbs. Her ability to breathe seemed suspended and she couldn’t tell if it was due to the smoke pouring into the valley or the sheer power of her terror. She closed her eyes and asked again.

“What is happening?” Except for this time, she was calmer. Tears were forming in her eyes as thoughts formed in her mind. They raced around and around until the pieces slowly started to form together like puzzle pieces. Fire like this does not go unchecked or unhindered. She knew this. Any fire in her life that ever got out of control was always controlled by Everett and then resolved by her people. If the fire was expanding the way she viewed it to be, it only meant one thing. One thing that was only discussed in terms of the impossible. One thing that felt so unfathomable that it was only compared to legend or myth. One thing that she knew would bring the wrath of chaos down on everyone.

“Everett is dead.” 

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