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Welcome to the New World

No one knows for sure when it started, or why it happened. We’ve seen a million theories thrown about by the brightest minds in the universe, and we’re still at a loss. It defies explanation or understanding, but those same bright minds will never stop bashing their heads against the nearest bunker walls in hopes of figuring out the mystery.

Best guess anyone has given us? Rips in reality.

If you haven’t, you’ve got to watch the video of scientists arguing over the term ‘rips’. Shreds, tears, splits, gashes…you name it. They spent hours debating the semantics of every world, without ever coming to an agreement.

The brains spent weeks arguing while the brawn couldn’t figure out where to aim.

The theoretical physicists are stuck in their respective offices and classrooms, furiously trying to make sense of it all. Not many of them ever expected to have the theoretical part dropped, apparently.

We’ve started calling this whole thing The Rivening. Egbert dropped it on his show one night, and that’s what stuck.

It wasn’t just one thing, though. It started out small, the way most world-shattering events do. Wild conspiracy theories surfaced in the far reaches of the internet, backed by videos and photos were either authentic or truly impressive deepfakes. Cryptozoologists found themselves with waves of new convincing evidence. Bizarre weather patterns, natural and manmade disasters, unexplainable diseases, and serious news stories that felt like they stepped from the funny pages.

On a blistering August day, the dam broke. All those tiny tears that used to let a Bigfoot or Loch Ness slip through occasionally exploded. A million holes and rips opened in tandem, unleashing utter chaos across our reality.

The most shocking thing of it all is the fact that any of us survived those initial days. We saw swarms of supernatural creatures from other worlds swim into ours—and watched as some of our neighbors were themselves transformed. Dinosaurs threatened a small Oklahoma town, and Atlantis resurfaced. Elvis gave a press conference, and subterranean creatures surfaced at the Denver airport.

Despite the chaos, life continues. Everything is different now, indelibly altered by the Rivening.

We are different now, and these are our stories.

Welcome to our new world.

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