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Things that lead to success after failures. 

Every human being desires to be successful in life, but just as the light and darkness go along with life, success, and failure also accompany a person’s life. The one who deals creatively during the ups and downs embraces success. You have seen various happy and successful people, but there exist people who embrace failures happily and take them creatively. In this story, I will describe some happy failures.

The bravest people in the world are the ones who face failure by laughing. Such people face the difficult situations of the world and raise flags of success. I will describe them one by one.

Piece of art that has taken the eyelashes

There is an artist who desired to create a mask to look like a model. The artist put a mask on his face to make a model of his face, but when the mask came off, the eyelashes also came off from the eyes and stuck on the mask. The artist did not cry over the removal of eyelashes but got happiness to wear the mask of the model. He has created a unique identity with the fault.

The reward for teaching a child difficult arithmetic

Children are attracted by pictures, but if a difficult calculus book is placed in front of them, they may cry. A few people smile when they cry. They enjoy the cry of children, so they just converted the mode of the message.

Creativity on cracked the wall to make it beautiful too

When there is a crack in the wall, it becomes ugly. Everyone tries to hide it from everyone’s eyes—but there are some people who make the crack so that everyone can see it. They do creativity on the cracked wall to make it prominent, so everyone sees it. They did not hide the ugliness, but made them beautiful with their creativity. It is like winning even from defeat.

The roof fell on the head, but a beautiful coincidence made the picture.

There is a picture in which you will see a falling roof. It was falling, but the paint on the roof prevented the broken roof from falling on the head and allowed to take a picture. It reflects that there are certain beautiful endings.

When an expensive pan-loser innocently tries to make up for the loss

The kid has lost his expensive Parker pen, but he did not lose hope. He tries to bring something creative into the loos. He tries to make up for the loss of the expensive pen in his usual innocent way by putting a Parker tag on the pen. With his geniuses, he has beaten failure and transformed failure into success.

What do you think of this loss as a gain? Isn’t that too big?

Lessons learned from this story?

• There is a ray of hope behind every darkness.

• Find out the way to get rid of failures.

• Make your success scream louder.

• Believe in yourself.

• Work even after you fail.

• Creativity brings uniqueness to work.

• Embrace the failure with a happy face.

• Ups and downs are part of life—your behavior towards dealing with them makes it different.

• Try to experiment with the different things at every stage of life.

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