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Nature’s Philosophy

The Psychology of Bullies

Bullies. We’ve all dealt with them and asked ourselves “Why?” Well, the reason behind bullying can really be dated back to before even cavemen were alive. Animals have a tough world. In order to reproduce, they have to be top of the group. That means trying to kill those above them. Nature’s just harsh. Your bullies are trying to kill you too, but socially. You’re competing for them being the most socially powerful. Try your best to befriend everyone else. Rise above them socially. They are just chimps. Be the big ol’ Gorilla.


You often ask yourself the point of your existence. Well, you have three points. Three goals for your existence. Emotionally, it’s to live a long, happy life. Socially, it’s to get wealthy. The Social world only really cares for your wealth. Logically, it’s just to simply stay alive. “So,” you’re probably asking yourself, “Do I really matter in such a world?” Well, in your world, you’re the most important. In the worlds of your loved ones, you’re also quite important cargo. Fragile, yet worth the effort. In nature, you’re absolutely necessary. That’s all that really matters.


Love. An emotion found in all mammals. The fact this emotion is so wide spread leads to just one question. What is love? Love is the feeling of safety and comfort around one or more living beings. For example, you probably love your mother. You feel safe and comforted around her. It seems it was an evolutionary emotion that was needed for almost all mammal’s survival. An experiment looking at this is something called the “Monkey Mother” experiment. This experiment took monkey children from their birth mothers and put them into different groups. One “mother” was made with wire and a light bulb for warmth. The other “mother” was made completely of cloth and a heater. They were put into the following groups;

No mother, cloth mother, wire mother, both mothers.

The no mother monkeys had their mental health crumble quite quickly. They showed signs of having multiple anxiety disorders due to not having a mother for protection. Like you do when you lose your mother in the store. The ones with cloth mother were sleeping more and calmer than wired ones. Ones with both mothers went to the wire mother for feeding and the cloth mother for comfort. This confirms the comfort part. When placed into a new enviroment, the ones with mothers were seen exploring, and even playing. When something startled them, they ran to their mother for safety until they calmed down. The ones with no mothers were seen having what could be considered a panic attack. That experiment, while cruel, shows the nature of love. It’s the feeling. The feeling of comfort. The feeling of safety.


If you came to this chapter hoping for answers, for comfort, then I’m afraid you won’t like what I’ve to say.

Death is simply death. The action of your life force ceasing to even be. Your consciousness remains only to replay your life in your head. Perhaps there’s a new beginning. A new life? A happy place to go after death? Whoever knows can’t exactly write what’s there, can they? Oh, and don’t try to overthink it. Your brain, as complex as it is, can’t comprehend what death is. One would have to ascend beyond earthly competence to comprehend death. Despite our intelligence, we’re still just animals. We have things we can’t make explanations of. Everything to us is just theories. We’re good at theories.


Anxiety. It’s the feeling of constant paranoia or worry that interferes with your daily life. It’s your body’s emotional defense against danger. We have many evolutionary leftovers, and that’s loosely considered one. I say loosely because it does still help us. For example, a lot of people get anxious when they’re up too high. It’s your body trying to say “Get down. You’re going to die. Get down. Get down.” This is called Arachnophobia (fear of spiders is Arachnaphobia.) Do you get anxious when you see a bug? That’s because we’ve learned to avoid them. Their bodies are so different from ours that we automatically presume it’s dangerous. And if it at all helps you feel better, I’ve got a severe fear of squirrels.


Our society is, honestly, wealth based. Think of all the most famous people. What do they have? A lot of money. Our greed only allows us to let fame get to those whose wealth exceeds our own. That’s all our society cares about. We care not for the class below us, we care not that people are starving whilst we live a blessed life. Our gratefulness is no longer. It’s how we’ve always been. Those with less money than us are considered outcasts. We kill those who we see as less worthful than us. We did that to the natives of many of the places we live now. We writhe in nothing but gluttony. We will be our own downfall.

Your Doubles

Everything you do is copied by a different person somewhere. Or perhaps they do the opposite. Someone thinks everything you do, does the movements you do, talks to others the way you do. You’re being constantly copied. But that also means there’s another side of the coin. There’s someone doing the opposite of you. Pure opposite. There’s not just two sides of a coin, because you’re smack-dab in the middle. With everything your doubles do, though, there’s slight differences. It could be environment, music, language, anything. It just has be a tiny difference. This part reminds me of a quote I heard in “The Silence in Heaven.” It was, “If you believe in angels, you best believe in vampires. Because they’re both two sides of the exact same coin.”


Another evolutionary leftover. Loneliness was required for a human being to survive. As you know, humans are often seen as very social creatures. It’s part of how our brains evolved. Loneliness was needed to tempt us to fix what we did wrong in the group, or to get back to them. We’re not very good at surviving entirely on our own. When in a group, we get a survival advantage against predators. Harder to kill people if you have about 5 spears trying to hit your head all at once. As much as we hate it, loneliness is quite needed for our survival. Might as well just live with it.

Ignorance is Bliss

I bet you’ve seen some real happy people and wondered, “How do they always stay so happy?” Well, it’s because they’re ignorant to the world around them. They’re ignorant to the pain in the cities, the dying spirits around them. They’re focusing on happiness. Their ignorance is so beautiful, so blissful compared to your intelligence. You’re so aware of every little thing in the world. All the pain, the sorrows, the questions. You no longer have the bliss of their innocent ignorance. Whether it’s a blessing or curse is up to you. Because now you can actually change things.


Physical pain. Pain is a signal. A signal to your brain that really is just trying to tell you “Oi! We got a problem, get over here and fix it already!” It doesn’t care what you do to fix it. Your decision is yours. Get to a hospital, fix it yourself, rest and let your body heal… it’s your decision. Just fix it already. Emotional pain is different. Emotional pain is usually seen as a lingering sadness. But it can be other things. It can be any lingering feeling that isn’t happiness or excitement. It can be anger, confusion, numbness… Your emotional pain is even strong enough to sometimes cause physical pain to you. The mind is truly stronger than matter.


Intelligence is such a beautiful curse. The dumbest people are hard to scare because they simply just don’t understand what they’re supposed to be scared of. The smartest people are scared of even the smallest things because they can see the danger in almost everything. Yet, the smartest people are so wonderful to society’s standards. They can see the smallest things. They can create new explanations for even reality itself. They piece together life’s puzzle. We weren’t even supposed to be able to fly in our own skies, yet we’ve gone to Mars because of those intelligent people. Intelligence is what makes us unique. Our inventions are what’s unique. Every curse has it’s beauty.


What is insanity? Insanity is defined as a mental state that causes you to repeat the same actions over and over without thinking about stopping. It’s when something in your quite fragile brain goes wrong. When that happens, it becomes hard for you to think. To distinguish right from wrong. You just… do. You don’t think about your actions, you just do them. Your emotions either ramp up to the 100’s or die altogether. The numbness is often seen in murders deemed too insane to continue trial. They don’t feel guilty. They don’t feel happy about what they’ve done, either. They feel nothing at all about what they did. They physically can’t. Help can be given, but these people are broken. They can be helped, but not fully repaired. They won’t feel the same again.

The Art of Power

What is power? It’s the advantage you have over others. The brute force. The more lovability. It’s really anything that makes you better than someone.

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