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Man Radar: Tangled Up in Blue – Chapter 3

Keegan almost drops her dentures—as my mother would say—when she sees Hunter and whoever the seriously bleached blonde is sprawled bare-ass on the bed.

At least Keegan is getting the full picture on Hunter up front. Quite literally, as the asshat is lying on his back on the bare mattress, with nothing left to the imagination.

The blonde is curled up next to him, snoring softly, her mouth open and a line of drool on her chin.

No idea who she is. I can’t remember seeing her before, but that’s no surprise. We get new people every weekend.

And she certainly looks like Hunter’s type: hot and “breezy”—his slang for an easy broad.

Why he steered her into Keegan’s room instead of his own last night, I have no clue. Maybe he already had a girl, or two, passed out in his room downstairs.

I wouldn’t put it past him.

Keegan is just standing there gawking at them. She gives me this wide-eyed look like she doesn’t know what to do next.

There’s something quirky and coltish about this girl that I like.

She’s got legs that go on for days, just the right amount on top to fill out the little black tank she’s wearing, and long, glossy brown hair that I immediately want to bury my face in.

Physically, she’s definitely my type.

And, assuming my man radar is in good working order, the attraction between us is mutual. Keegan wants me; I can feel it.

You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson about hooking up with housemates, after the whole Kendra drama. But what the hell. We’re all adults.

Thing is, though, when she took off her sunglasses in the living room and I saw her eyes, I almost choked.

Because I instantly thought of another girl on the other side of the world with very similar eyes: Same color, same shape, same old-soul expression.

It freaked me out.

But maybe I’m just looking to see that girl in others. Maybe I can’t let go of her memory.

Spotting the drumstick on the floor gave me a reason to bend over for a moment so I could get my shit together.

It’s not the first time since I became a civilian I’ve suddenly been on the verge of tears.

I walk to the bed and twist Hunter’s big toe hard to wake him up.

At the same moment, Max runs into the room, his nails clicking on the wood floor.

He goes straight to the bed and sticks his cold nose into the blonde’s nicely toned ass.

Yowling, Hunter and the blonde try to sit up at the same time, and the blonde rolls off the bed and hits the floor, which gets Max barking, thinking she wants to play.

“Get that fucking dog away from me!” she screams, jumping to her feet while trying—pointlessly—to cover her privates with her hands.

Max keeps barking and rushes toward her, rearing up playfully.

And she kicks him, sending him scrambling behind me like a coward. For a German Shepherd, the dog’s no canine cop.

“Hey!” I yell at her. “Don’t kick the dog. He’s just trying to play.”

She grabs her clothes off the floor and, still cursing, runs into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

Hunter is cradling his head in his hands.

“Jesus, Blue, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Seriously?” I snarl, picking up his boxers and throwing them at him. “I could say the same thing to you, asshole.”

Hunter clutches his underwear in one hand and squints painfully at the sun pouring through the window as I go on.

“Our new roomie here just had to walk into her room and see your nasty bare asses all over her bed. Get the hell out so she can move in.”

Hunter slowly turns to give Keegan the once over.

Then, wearing only a cocky smirk, he gets off the bed and strolls past her out the door…

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