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We Can Fix the World, Together

The man threw his gloves in his backpack and zipped it up. He checked them off on the list in his notebook on the desk. That was everything. He walked out of his bedroom, down the hall, and into the kitchen. He opened the door, on a mission from the devil. He would do it this time. He was motivated and he was ready. He began down the steel stairs, not paying attention to the woman at the platform between the second and third floor.

“Hey, hands up,” she said, interrupting the man’s concentration. He felt like he was just caught in the middle of a crime. He lost his breath as he saw that she had a gun aimed at him.

“Who the fuck are you?” he asked, his hands obliging.

“We’ll get to that. Now turn around and walk up the stairs and back to your apartment.” The man turned around and she followed five stair steps behind him. He hadn’t done anything yet. He didn’t post anything online. What was happening? They made their way back to apartment 307 D and he opened the door at her command. “Walk inside,” she ordered. He did so, and she followed him inside. He stood there with his hands up for a moment. “Throw your backpack into the hallway and take a seat at the kitchen table.”

“I haven’t done anything,” he replied to her as he threw the backpack as far as he could, towards the end of the hallway.

“I know,” the woman said. “Take a seat.”

The man walked to the closet chair towards the door. He took a seat and placed his sweaty palms on the padded steel table. He watched as the woman circled the table. This was the first time he noticed that she was holding a briefcase in the hand that didn’t have a gun pointed at him.

“Do you have a warrant?” the man asked her as she slowly took a seat. The gun’s sights were still on him, but her hands weren’t shaking. She held it the same way someone may take a photo of a study guide before a test with their phone. Focused, but not nervous.

“I’m not with the police,” she said, as she placed the gun against the table. She placed the briefcase on the tabletop and began to lift the latches. With the gun on the table, the man noticed the woman herself. She had hazel eyes, a caramel skin tone, and naturally curly hair. She looked to be in shape under her black blazer and white shirt. She wore a red and black plaid scarf. Beyond the fear and confusion, he wanted to wrap that scarf around her neck as he fucked her from behind.

“Who are you with then?” the man asked.

The woman shut the case after removing a manilla folder. She placed the briefcase on the floor next to one of her chair’s legs. She opened the manilla folder and brought out a packet which she began to leaf through.

“I’m with Good Earth,” she began as she skimmed different pages within the packet. “It’s a government-funded agency that will be founded a little over two centuries from now. We rely on time-traveling technology to allow us to go back to events and prevent heinous acts against humanity from happening. Good Earth hires ‘Professional Angels’ to go back in time and—”

“You’re a lunatic,” the man replied. She spoke like she was giving a presentation she had said every day to customers interested in a product.

“Listen, it’s a new policy that our targets understand what is happening to them and why,” the woman explained. “I’m trying to put forth an effort for your benefit.”

“My benefit?” the man asked.

“To give you an understanding of why you must die today,” the woman elaborated. She turned another page without looking at the man. “Unbelievable. They could’ve sent me back three years and I could’ve prevented the torturing of at least a dozen animals.”

“What?” the man asked.

“We’re trying to get animal cruelty prevention approved,” the woman said, still looking through the packet. “They’re fighting us on it because of costs.”

“I must die today?” the man asked. “What are you talking about?”

The woman put a finger up and leafed through the last couple pages of the packet before placing it on the desk and finally meeting the man’s eyes.

“Your name is Paul Wakes?”

“Yes,” the man replied.

“You were just about to leave your apartment where you will abduct a Ms. Regina Thompson. You would proceed to rape her and then strangle her. I’m here to prevent that.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Paul retorted.

“That’s because it hasn’t happened yet,” the woman replied. “You will be responsible for the deaths of eighteen people.”

“You have no evidence,” Paul replied.

“I’m not arresting you,” the woman replied dryly. “In my time, your crimes are well known and documented.”

“No, you can’t just walk into my house, tell me you’re a time traveler, and murder me.”

The woman stared at him and began to unwrap her scarf. This movement revealed a skintight material that covered the woman’s neck and led down into her shirt. Two blue streaks of light shot up the material on both sides of her neck before shooting back down. Every couple of seconds the blue lights would shoot back up and then disappear under her shirt.

“This suit protects me whenever I travel back and forth,” the woman said. “I have a helmet too that I will retrieve when we’re done here.”

“So, you’re going to kill me?” Paul asked.

“Do you understand why you have to die?” the woman asked.

“No,” Paul replied, growing frustrated.

The woman sighed and put her hands together on the tabletop. “Throughout history, countless people have been subject to the cruelty of a few. Somewhere, at some time, a woman has been force-fed her own baby. Children have been impaled by dull steaks starting at their rectums until the steak arose from their mouths. These acts have occurred as forms of entertainment for demented individuals, usually in power. These are things that the innocent and good don’t want to acknowledge or brood over. However, Good Earth formed because these acts of pure evil have no reason to exist. Evil is what leads to pain, war, and inequality. Ultimately, our goal is to rid the world of evil throughout history and finally create peace on Earth.”

“How are you going to compare me to Dracula?” the man asked. “Even if what you’re saying is true, the evil men you’re alluring to killed a lot more than eighteen people.”

“One innocent life or two million innocent lives are important to Good Earth,” the woman explained.

“Isn’t there a difference between strangling and forcing a woman to eat her child?” Paul asked. He stared at the gun on the table but it was far out of reach.

“You would rape her too,” the woman replied dryly. “Both are instances of evil. Both serve no purpose but to arouse individuals who have nothing to contribute to the world but pain.”

“It’s not the same,” Paul shouted, growing desperate. The woman sighed.

“Okay, well let’s look at this incident,” the woman said as she reached for the packet. She turned a few pages and cleared her throat. “Three years from now you will break into the Packard’s household. A married man and woman who live with their eleven-year-old daughter. You hold the parents at gunpoint and force them to handcuff their wrists to a turning dial on a safe inside their bedroom. You then proceed to drag their daughter onto their bed where you sodomize her and, from your account in prison, threaten to kill her if the parents closed their eyes. You would go on to slit the daughter’s throat and continue raping her after she died.”

Paul stared at the woman, at a loss for words.

“Needless to say, you murdered the parents after you ejaculated on a corpse. The father, John, was a mechanic who enjoyed playing golf and eating Mexican food. The woman, Shannon, was a bank teller who was often considered the life of the party and she enjoyed reading cheap romances and watching bad reality TV. The daughter, Sofia, loved playing video games and writing poetry. All three were human beings with emotions and held a huge capacity to hurt.”

“I end up in prison?” Paul asked.

“You do.”

“I’m assuming that’s where I die?”

“Yes, you go on to be raped and beaten to death by a prison gang who hate pedophiles while a guard turns a blind eye.”

Paul leaned back in his chair and stared at the gun. The woman observed him without emotion.

“So, you murder me to prevent other murders?” Paul asked. “Eye for an eye?”

“At Good Earth, we understand that ending a human’s life is not to be taken lightly. We are aware that we become murderers when we complete our contracts. However, we try to be as humane as possible. We have policies in place to protect targets such as yourselves from cruel and unusual punishment.”

“So, you’re going to pop one in my head?” Paul asked.

“We try to be as inconspicuous as possible with our operations. The gun and bullet are from your time. I’ll only have to use it if you don’t cooperate.”

“You don’t want to leave a trail,” Paul said with a knowing smile.

“Not particularly, but it’s just a precaution. If they find my DNA then it doesn’t really matter because I don’t exist yet and don’t match any of their records.”

“So, what’s the other option?”

The woman smiled and reached into her pocket. She revealed a clear capsule with a glowing purple pill inside. It was neon purple, it looked like something out of James Cameron’s Avatar.

“You take this pretty little pill and go lie down in your bed. It’s untraceable during autopsies.”

“And you’re offering this peaceful way out because of company policy?”

“We believe it’s the moral decision since you technically haven’t committed your crimes yet. We also pride ourselves in being humanitarians and don’t wish to cause any unnecessary pain.”

“Just a bunch of Yes Men at the office, huh?” Paul asked after a scoff.

“I don’t think you understand the lucky break you’re being offered Paul,” the woman replied, her eyes darting at his.


“I have a colleague, Agent Hibbard. He sodomized a man like you with a bowie knife for over five minutes.”

“Oh,” Paul said, considering his options.

“That’s justice. Most of us try to abide by the regulations and offer targets a peaceful death. However, we’re human. We have bad days. I guarantee everyone at the agency has heard about what Agent Hibbard did. Guess what? He still has his job. I’m doing you a solid.”

“You always get them to take the pill, don’t you?” Paul asked.

“If you don’t take the pill, I will shoot you in both knee caps, once in your genitals, and if you don’t bleed out quickly enough, I’ll put two more in your rectum.

Paul stared at the purple pill in the woman’s hand.

“Atta boy,” the woman said, smiling with two perfect rows of white teeth. She grabbed her gun and motioned Paul to stand up. He did so and turned around when she motioned for him to do so. She followed him down the hallway as he took small steps towards his bedroom.

“I’ve taken down men a lot larger and uglier than you, Paul. No bright ideas, please.”

They entered the room. It was rather clean. A laptop on an oak desk beside a notebook and pen. Steamed shirts and dress pants hung inside a closet. Shoes lined up in the corner, out of the way.

“You need a picture or something, liven the place up,” the woman said, chuckling at herself. “Okay, sit on the bed.”

Paul took a seat on the bed and she stood above him a couple of feet away. She motioned with her hand before tossing the clear capsule holding the alien pill. Paul caught it with both hands. “How long does it take?”

“Not long at all,” the woman replied. She sidestepped to a chest of drawers where she grabbed a half-full water bottle. She tossed it to Paul.

“It doesn’t hurt?” he asked.

“It shouldn’t, but who’s to say? Nobody who’s taken one has told me.”

He undid the lid to the capsule, flipped it, and let the glowing pill fall into his palm. He looked at the woman who gestured her free hand to her mouth like she was taking a drink from an invisible bottle. Paul lifted the pill to his mouth and took a drink from the bottled water. He leaned back into the bed and lifted his legs onto the mattress.

“Real quick, do you feel like you have an understanding of why this happened today?” the woman asked. “Do you feel like you know why this is the best option for humanity?”

“I can understand it,” Paul replied, he felt his senses dulling.

“Okay, great. I’ll mark that down later.”

“What’s your name?” Paul asked, his eyelids falling on their own.

“Rule of thumb, people don’t like it when people like you know their names, Paul.”

“I don’t think it’s going to hurt,” Paul replied.

 “Individuals such as yourself only belong in fiction,” were the last words that Paul Wakes heard. “Goodnight.”

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