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Rent Paid In Advance

This is the story of a boy who has just finished his college and has not yet found a job and is living in a small rented room.

One day his cousin came to him and asked him to help with some concepts. The boy had a good grasp of the subject so the boy helped his cousin without any difficulty. Soon the boy was joined by some other friends to help him with his studies and were willing to pay his tuition fees.

However, the owner of the house was not happy with all the flocks coming to his house. So he asked the boy to leave the rented room or find a place to continue his teaching activities.

The boy really wanted to continue teaching because he loved it and it also helped him earn some money so he looked for another place to teach his students. Luckily he found a place. It was a big hall where a gentleman lived alone.

The boy went to the master and asked his permission to use this hall to teach his students. The saint agreed and allowed him to take classes in that corner of the hall but on one condition. The saint asked him to pay a rent of Rs 100 per month in advance.

The boy was surprised to learn that the saint had asked him to pay the rent to use his place for teaching.

100 rupees was a big amount at that time but still the boy agreed as he was happy to have a place to teach his students and managed to pay the first month’s rent in advance. After the classes started, some other students also joined.

Months passed, the boy continued to teach there but one thing that bothered him was that the master was very strict about paying the rent in advance. Saint used to remind him to pay the rent on the 30th or 31st so that he would not be late in paying the rent in advance.

The boy had seen that the saint lived a very simple life and even during the class the presence of the saint never disturbed the boy’s class. The classes continued for a year but after a year the boy got a good job elsewhere and had to stop taking the classes. Yesterday, the boy told the saint that he was leaving and saw that he was saddened to hear this. The boy went to work.

After two years, when the boy returned to his place, he received a letter from a charitable trust that funded the education of poor children, with a receipt for a donation of Rs 1,200. The boy was confused when he saw the receipt because he never made this donation. So he called them and told them that they must have sent the letter to the wrong person.

The trustee asked him the name of his father. When the boy mentioned his father’s name, the man confirmed that the boy’s name was mentioned on the covering note that came with the money every month. The boy asked him what the monthly contribution was. The man said that there were twelve payments of one hundred rupees.

The boy understood that where did the hundred rupees that the saint took from him as rent every month go? At that moment the boy understood that “never judge a person by the way they speak.”

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