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Broken heart

The incident taking place across the road was blurred for my tiny eyes. I could see a couple arguing at the café table. But that does not seem to bother me. My eyes stayed at a brown-haired teenager struggling and baffling hard with two men in a blue uniform. He wore a pale green t-shirt and blue jeans, which were badly in need of laundry.

The blue-uniformed men pulled the raging youngster and cuffed him. His hooked nose and wrinkled face had already turned pink of embarrassment. The teenager looked aggressive, but at the same time, he looked confused and worried about something. The policemen had a tough time dragging the skinny teenager toward the patrol car. Before being stuffed inside the car, the youngster looked at me and mouthed, ‘Sorry.’ I felt guilty.

My broken heart accused me of the reason for his current condition. Yes, I am the only reason. He is Mark, my brother, and he stole a few buns for his starving sister. Tears poured down my cheeks when the patrol car fastened and turned the corner of the road. I stood there devastated when I realized the only person in my life is going away from me. My heart weighed heavy. The loneliness in me felt like a shore without a wave!

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