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Burnt midnight oil

That was our exam night. My friend Laura and I had planned to study together. Laura stayed with me after classes. I lived in an apartment where the environment is serene and silent, which is best suitable for concentrating.

The night was cool and misty. We both completed a chapter around midnight and decided to rest for a while. After some time, the delivery boy arrived at the doorstep with the pizza which we had ordered. While collecting pizza, I noticed the guy who lived upstairs carrying a few luggage. I smiled at him, but he ignored me, nothing to surprise. I went back to my room.

After completing our pizza, we continued to study. Suddenly, there was a loud thud. The guy upstairs might have intensely dropped or fell. But in a few minutes, we heard an electric chainsaw roar.

“Is he mad? Who the hell will be carpeting at night?” Laura busted out in anger.

Confused but irritated, I replied, “I guess he is doing some carpeting work. He is a strange guy. He will finish it in some time. Let’s study.”

Staring at our notes, we couldn’t concentrate due to the continuous noise. Slammed my face on the book, I felt like throwing him from upstairs. After roughly a quarter-hour, the noise stopped.

With relief, we started studying. The place was so silent that we could clearly hear the door opening and closing. Laura was irritated to the highest, so she stepped out to go at him hammer and tongs. I followed her.

The guy came downstairs carrying three garbage bags and didn’t care to look at us.

On seeing him, Laura said, “Thank god. He has gone. Let’s study. We need to pass.”

We went back and continued to study till 2 pm and slept. In the meantime, we heard his door open and close. But this time, there was no sound. I thought that he had done some carpeting and dumped the waste.

After our exam the next day, Laura went to her home, and I rested in my room. Around six in the evening, there was a high and loud wailing siren. I woke up in shock and went out to check.

The policemen dragged the guy upstairs with his hands cuffed. Shocked to the marrow, I enquired one of our neighbors.

“Last night, he killed his girlfriend, chopped her into pieces with a chainsaw, and dumped her in the nearby dump yard. On inquiry, the police had identified the body’s identity and arrested him for murder.”

“Did we really hear the sounds amidst a murder?” my heart froze. The placidity after my exam had vanished, and a storm started to blow in my mind.

(Inspired from a random Instagram post)

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