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Of Monsters and Cats

“Home sweet home,” I say stepping into a bus that I’ve made into my base. Defender perks up at the sound of the door closing. He meows at me in greeting. “Any news while I was out?” He shakes his head. “Back to work then” I smile while petting him.

“We are in a state of emergency.” a pause “This is not a drill.” a pause “Please remain calm.” another pause, and finally “May God be with us all.” I turn off the recording and I take a deep before starting “Please if there are any other survivors, please respond. My coordinates are 40.76, -73.985710, or what used to be Time Square. I have a cat and he is starting to talk back to me, so I need someone to answer. Please come in.” After waiting a few minutes, I sigh and resume the recording.

How about some dinner?” Defender says jumping onto the table.

“I’ve definitely been alone for too long. But dinner sounds really good.” I say getting up from the table and walking over to the small table with a hotplate in the middle with seasonings surrounding it.

I pick up Defender’s bowl from the floor and dump a can of wet cat food in. “Down to our last few cans buddy, ready to start eating people food again?”

I never wanted to stop. But how could I say no after you found so much just for me? Plus, it’s a classic from my youth.” I laugh at his words while making my own dinner of canned SpaghettiOs.

“Your youth? You’re barely two years old. Let’s just eat and go to bed.”

After eating we cuddle up on the sleeping bag I laid out on a cot. I had gutted most of the seats out of the bus after what happened, whatever it was.

Everything was normal one day and the next meteors were falling from the sky and from those came the gobblers. They came in different shapes and sizes, and each liked their own place. But they all liked to gobble anything living, including my parents. “Anna, stop thinking about them. You always get a face when you think of Mom and Dad. Just go to sleep, tomorrow is a new day.” Defender climbs onto my chest and begins to purr while making biscuits on me. The sting of his claws digging into my flesh has me drifting into sleep in no time.


I groan while trying to open my eyes from one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had since the gobblers. Stretching I open my eyes only to see that I wasn’t on my bus and Defender wasn’t sleeping next to me.

Looking around I see that I am in what hospital rooms used to look like. Clean, white, sterile, free of plants growing through the walls. Worse of all I see that Defender isn’t even in the room with me. I jump at the sound of keys unlocking the door, I watch in fear as the door opens to reveal a mystery person in a hazmat suit.

“What are you doing awake? The drugs that were administered to you should have kept you asleep for another six hours.” Their voice came through a speaker and was slightly distorted. 

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