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The Girl and the Moon 


        There was once a story about a girl who would follow the moon in the forest late at night. The forest was deep, thick, and dark, as was the long heavy cloak the girl had been claimed to wear to bear the brisk cold winter in the mountains. It was said the girl dressed completely in black and appeared to be the only one with the night. Aside from the deep and dark corners and brush of the forest, the girl was nowhere else to be seen. Never spotted during the day or outside of the dark and cold winter months, she seemed to be a mystery. 

         The few stories and claimed sightings of the girl assumed she did not wish to be seen in the busier months, despite the weather being in the nicer season. Other folks in town, though, just believed she was to be a myth. She was a mystery or false tale to those who would not brave the darkness and depth of the forest, but also, too, remained a mystery to those who ever believed to have seen her in the darkness between the trees. It was claimed the girl would appear for a few moments and then soon after disappear into the darkness without another trace.

       The moon glistened on her pale face and her skin was bright and beautiful, claim those who encountered her figure in the forest. They noticed her glow was as captivating as the moon and its light, and her eyes were as green and intense as the tall western pines surrounding her. Her love for the forest and her presence there was beyond anyone else’s knowledge and this left many folks with nothing but an overactive imagination.

        The folks who heard of this girl believed she had a troubled past, as well as a deep desire to remain unknown and misunderstood. Many believed she was a degenerate and lost soul. Others believed she was likely homeless or an addict. No one knew her name, her story, or where she comes from. Aside from her surroundings of nature and the voiceless animals among her, no one else knew anything about the girl and her secrets.

         A young man named Samuel decided to wander deep into the forest late one night to find what appeared to be the girl. She stood while fondly gazing at the moon and it was as if time stood still in this moment. Samuel was captivated by the sight and admired her and the moon alike. She was as tall, dark, and pale-faced as described in the stories. He felt a strong desire to approach her, but instead, found himself frozen in place. Not merely from the brisk of the cold winter air, but he was halted in his tracks. The cold wind felt strong and eerie, his feet were heavy, and the air became thicker, making it harder to breathe. The young man felt he was in a trance as if the girl was in a similar trance with the moon.

        In time, Samuel was finally able to fixate on the moon. It was full, bright, and mesmerizing against the pines and the dead brush. He understood in this moment why the girl admired the moon. He suddenly felt as if he was no longer paralyzed. His focus then turned back on the girl, only to find she seemed to have disappeared amongst the trees. The girl was once again out of sight, but she was certainly not out of the young man’s mind.

         Samuel insisted on searching for her outside of and beyond the moonlit path. He did so, but he fell short of finding the girl. He was certain he encountered her, but it left the young man wondering how she vanished without any explanation or a trace. The girl seems to remain a mystery, but her story continues to be shared, just as the moon continues to rise over the deepest parts of the forest which she lurks.

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