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The Many Lives of Mita (Part IV)



After Mita Lopez relocated to Scotland to be with her new boyfriend and their children, she began a new job at a production studio owned by her boyfriend, actor Keaton Macbeth. Unfortunately, one of Keaton’s friends and long-time employees saw Mita as a threat to his aspirations for moving up in the company and eventually running it, despite Keaton’s insistence that no one but his family would run his company upon his retirement or death. This family now included Mita and her children along with his own children. The employee became enraged by Keaton’s decision and assaulted Mita, causing her to blackout as Keaton heard the calls for security and raced for her office.

Truth of the Spirit

The next thing Mita knew, she heard a voice, distant and indistinct. She felt searing pain throughout her entire body as she remembered the fight with Ray and panicked, fearful that he was nearby. She tried to open her eyes… but she could not. She tried to move… but could not. She tried to call out… but no sound came out. Her horror grew as she realized that she was trapped within her own body, unable to move or speak. She felt a tear roll down her cheek, and the voice became clearer… Keaton.

He was saying, “Oh my God, she’s crying. Doctor, do something, please! Help her!”

She heard another voice say, “Mr. Macbeth, it’s an involuntary reaction. She’s dead. She can’t hear or feel anything.”

Keaton’s voice came again, frantic and sobbing, “No! I’m telling you, she’s not dead! Do something! Help her! Please!”

The doctor’s voice came once more, “I’m sorry. You need to contact her parents and let them know that we’ll be pulling her off the ventilators as soon as they get here to say their goodbyes. They also need to decide what to do about her children and find out if she wanted to be an organ donor. She’s gone, Mr. Macbeth. She’s dead. She only seems to be living because of the machines. We’re doing that for her family’s benefit. We did all we could, but her injuries were simply too severe. The important thing now is to remember that her death doesn’t have to be for naught. She can help save the lives of others through her donations. I need to speak with her parents to ask them about donating her organs and tissue. We have many people in need. People with families, Mr. Macbeth. People who are every bit as loved and needed as Amethyst. She can save them.”

Inside Mita’s head, she was screaming, “I’m here! I’m right here! Please, Baby, don’t let them cut me apart! Don’t let them kill me!

But no sound came out. Only another tear escaped down her cheek, leading to more desperate pleas and protests from Keaton. However, the doctor was not listening. He had no way of knowing that Keaton’s heart was showing him that which modern medicine could not detect… life. Before she lost consciousness again, she felt Keaton’s tear-soaked face against her hand as he gripped it within his own and sobbed hopelessly.


The next time Mita gained consciousness, she heard Keaton arguing with the doctor again. He was refusing to allow the doctor to remove Mita from the machines that were keeping her body alive. There was another male voice there too, a voice that identified itself as Keaton’s attorney, representing Mita’s parents and Mita herself. There was vague talk about a right-to-life lawsuit along with promises to make the situation known around the world. The doctor repeatedly tried to get the attorney to ‘listen to reason’ and to accept that Mita was dead. Then, she lost consciousness again.


There were many more moments of consciousness for Mita, and during each of them, she heard arguing over whether or not she was dead and what should be done next. The hospital was determined to disconnect her life support, harvest her organs and tissue to save the lives of others, have her bed space, and be done with it. She was nothing more than a hindrance and a cash crop to the hospital in her current state. At one point, she overheard two nurses who were tending to her bathing and bed changing needs. They were complaining about the fact that they had to keep ‘cleaning a corpse’ because Keaton and Mita’s parents were too selfish to accept that she was dead. They even went as far as to joke about who would ‘console’ Keaton once this was all over. This created more than just fear within her; it created anger. And that anger spurred her to fight harder. Whereas she had given up before, she was now more determined than she had ever been for anything else to make it back to her family. Poor Keaton sounded like a grieving husband, and at one point she heard him whispering to her as he embraced her hand and held it against his face.

He sobbed softly, “Sweetheart, please come back to me. I feel like I’m losing the love of my life… like I’m losing my very self… like I’m losing my wifeagain. I love you so damn much. These fucking doctors don’t know what they’re talking about. I can feel you here with me. I can feel that you know what’s going on. I can just feel it. Please. Open your eyes, please, Babe. I need you. I can’t lose you or the children. Your parents will be in soon, and I’ve told them that I want to raise the children if anything happens to you. They’re thinking about it, but I know they want the same for themselves. I can’t lose my family. Not again. Not you. Not them. I just can’t.”

Her heart broke. She longed to hold him, to tell him how much she loved him, and to thank him for fighting for her. Yet, she could not speak. She felt another tear roll down her cheek. He apparently saw this too, as she felt him stiffen and clutch her hand more tightly.

“Oh, God, Babe! I knew you could hear me! I knew you were here! I swear to you, I won’t stop fighting to save you. Hold on, Sweetheart. Hold on.”

Then, everything went black again. She felt herself fading slowly away into a dream state that felt very real. Dreams filled with horrors of abuse and being cut apart by doctors ripping her organs out to save others whose lives were more valuable than her own. Dreams where she could feel the pain of every deed done against her… and where she could hear the sobbing of Keaton, their children, and her parents.


During a number of her waking moments, she heard familiar voices around her. They were not those of Keaton or her parents. No, they were secret voices that only she knew… voices from her unspoken life. The voices told her that they had to be quick because Keaton would be out of the room’s shower soon. They told her that they loved her and to fight. They told her that they were working behind the scenes to bring in better doctors and treatments. They told her they would do everything they could. Some of those times, they told her that they were administering treatments into her IV and that she might feel burning sensations, which she did. And she felt their kisses on her forehead. Once, she even heard Keaton speaking with them, believing that they were members of the medical staff. Then, they disappeared as she slipped away once more.


The dream state into which she continually returned felt real. Many times, it felt as though she was waking and rejoining her family. She genuinely believed it each time, but each time, she also panicked, thinking it might not be real after remembering all the other times that she awoke, still in that hellish paralysis. Each time, the Dream Keaton told her that she was fine now and that she was really home with him and the children. Each time, she felt his arms around her, his kisses on her lips, and his body against hers. Each time, she felt their children’s hugs and heard the laughter from them and from Keaton. Each time, she fixed dinner for the family, watched the children run around outside or swim in the pool, and sat on the back patio with Keaton watching it rain. Each time, she was blissfully happy again… But she also kept feeling pain. It was not the same excruciating pain that already filled her body, but stabbing pains at various points of her body. She could not figure out what was causing it, but her dream self blamed it on her previous injuries and tried to move on with her day… Then each time, she awoke to being a prisoner in her own body, at the mercy of doctors who wanted to kill her and harvest her organs like she was no more than a slab of meat to be cut up for others whose lives seemed more important than her own. She was in a hell that had no words, and the horror that she felt literally wreaked with the stench of death… a smell that only she could sense.


The next time Mita reached the conscious realm, she could hear her parents and Keaton tearfully speaking over her. The heartache and despair in their voices were more than Mita could bear, and more tears rolled down her face, noticed by all in the room. It was then that she also heard the voices of others in the room who appeared to be more members of Keaton’s team of attorneys. They were discussing their plans for fighting to save Mita, and at one point the doctor and some hospital administrators entered the room.

One woman said, “Mr. Macbeth, Mr. and Mrs. Jessup, my name is Cheryl Chambers. These are my fellow administrators, Jackie, Leonard, and Mick. We understand that there’s a problem here, and we would prefer to get this resolved without litigation or further bad press, if at all possible. So, I’m here to ask you exactly what it is that you would like from us.”

Ted spoke up, “I’m this young lady’s father, this is her mother, and this man here is her boyfriend. We only want this hospital to stop trying to kill our daughter and to just let her fight this.”

Cheryl sighed and appeared to speak with genuine compassion, “I quite understand. Please, allow me to tell you our problem, and then perhaps we can come to some form of compromise. Our situation is that Ms. Lopez is brain dead. This means there is no brain activity. The only things keeping her body going are the machines that are shocking her heart and pumping air into her lungs. These machines are simulating life for her… artificially… in order to keep her blood pumping and maintain oxygen levels for the purpose of keeping her organs viable. Without those, her body would completely stop functioning. The problem with simply doing what you ask is that her organs will eventually fail, and we then cannot allow her to donate her organs to help save others… others who also have families who love them and want them to live… parents, significant others, children, and more. I understand your pain, but we have to look at the facts and the bigger picture.”

Mita then heard a new voice say, “Okay, Ms. Chambers, my name is Danny Matthews, and I am the lead attorney as well as one of the three partners and owners of the firm. You have told us your side of this issue, now here is what really matters… As we stood here, we saw tears roll down Ms. Lopez’s cheeks. You say it’s nothing and that she can neither hear nor feel anything. Yet, this is not the first time we have seen that. What makes that so compelling is the fact that it has only happened during conversations about removing her from life support, ripping her open, and removing her organs. Likewise, we believe she can feel pain. What do we base that on? This.” Everything went silent. Then, she suddenly felt a large prick on her hand, causing her to jump and being followed by Keaton calling out for someone to stop. The voice started again. “My apologies, Keaton. We tried this when you and her parents left us to watch her earlier. Each time, she jerked away from the pocket knife. And each time…” His voice stopped, and Mita could feel the horrid pain again, followed by tears rolling down her cheeks from the intense pain and fear. “…that happens. These tell us that she is aware of and is reacting to pain and conversations around her. These are why we have a judge on our side, signing our requests to call in our own team of doctors and to prevent this hospital from taking further steps to torture or kill our client. You say brain dead, we say aware. Continue your efforts to kill our client, and we will continue to not only fight you on those efforts, but also to file a suit against this hospital for more money than you would even believe existed.”

Mita heard Cheryl sigh and speak again, “We seek only what is best for our patients, and it’s not right that your faces are all over the television telling people that we are trying to kill Ms. Lopez. She’s already dead, and we need to do what is right by her and the many people she can help through organ and tissue donation. Making the hospital out to be some heartless monster that only wants to cut this woman up and yank out her organs is irresponsible and damaging. I had hoped we could come to some sort of agreement.”

Danny replied, “We can. Agree to our terms and drop your efforts to kill my client. The worst that can happen is she lingers here until she dies a natural death from her injuries, leaving her family to pay the hospital bills as her legal guardians as appointed by the courts. The best that can happen is that she recovers. Either way, you lose nothing, which is in stark contrast to the alternative, where you continue your efforts and you lose a great deal both financially and in the court of public opinion.”

Cheryl angrily stated, “I see. Well, we will take your proposal into account with our own attorneys. Do you have your claims of her crying at and reacting to certain stimuli on video?”

Danny answered, “As a matter of fact, we do. Multiple accounts of it.”

Cheryl said, “Please deliver copies of those to my office so that I can take them to our attorneys. Either our attorneys or I will get back with you regarding our response.”

The rest became a blur as Mita slipped back into her dream world, where she was healthier, happier, and in the arms of the man she loved.


Suddenly, one day later, reality forcefully tore her from her dream state. She felt horrible, stabbing pains deep within her abdomen and searing pains on her skin, and she heard laughter. The nurses were back and tending to her sponge bath and bedding change. The nurses joked about wishing her heart would just stop already and boasted about how they were going to prove she was dead, followed by more pain. The pains grew in intensity as the nurses laughed and joked… then, it happened… something that would change everything… as the stabbing and searing pains attacked her torso and legs, a sound exploded through the room that startled not only herself but terrified the nurses as well… Mita screamed.


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The Many Lives of Mita (Part V)

The scream heard ’round the world.

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