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When Is Bad Luck Good Luck?Well, When You Survive Your Plane Crashing Before It’s Hit by a Train Might Do It.

Seventy-year-old Mark Jenkins is probably one of the luckiest unlucky people alive today. Emphasis on alive! His small plane made a dramatic landing on train tracks in Pacoima, California. It is suspected he chose that spot to come down to reduce the risks of lives on the ground. But unfortunately, he could not expect the train barrelling through moments after he crashed.

Surviving a plane crash is a miracle in itself; surviving a plane crash followed by being hit by a train? Astronomical odds. If I were Mr Jenkins, there would be lottery tickets in my future!

However, it’s not a laughing matter. Yes, we can titter nervously in the face of this horrifying event because no one died. But that was down to sheer luck and the bravery of the L.A.P.D. Officers pulled him from the wreckage. We often forget that our police forces throw their lives into the path of death every time they put on their badge, especially in these trying times.

Although the video is graphic, it is crucially important for us to see. Because it reminds us that the police are not the bad guys on a power trip, they are there to protect and serve. In the case of Mr Jenkins, they went above and beyond. How many of us would run onto train tracks when we could see the train coming at us?

We do not know what caused the crash, but The F.A.A. and National Transportation Safety Board will investigate it. However, Mr Jenkins, it has been reported, is an experienced pilot who was a fighter pilot for the Air Force. I am thankful that everyone has come alive if injured. There were no casualties on the ground; however, Mr Jenkins does have serious injuries, including multiple broken bones and extensive damage to his face.

This is one of those moments where the Angels worked overtime for everyone involved. I wish a speedy recovery for Mr Jenkins and a heartfelt thank you to the officers who ran into imminent danger to save another person.

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