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The Showrunner Ch. 2

“Dr. Faust, the basis of your research is really just accumulated through search engine algorithms, correct?” Yaya asked, her voice breathy as she traced the collar of her mesh top.

Through the live feed monitor, and undoubtedly to the 1.1k live viewers, it was wholly evident that the aging Dr. Faust struggled to maintain professional eye contact with Yaya. That tawdry ensemble she wore was enough to make the corners of his mouth glisten.

He brought his thumb and middle finger to the corners of his lips to discreetly remove his drool, even if he were successful in that maneuver, his mic still managed to capture him gulping down his lust.

“That’s correct, Yaya,” Dr. Faust began as he brought his hand down to his glass of whiskey. With the tip of his middle finger, he traced the lip of the glass in a similar manner as Yaya traced the collar of her top. Like many men before him, the doctor was completely taken by Yaya’s raw magnetism and sex appeal.

“My firm and I look over trending topics on porn sites via specific regions and try to theorize social sexual phenomenon based off current events, current social norms, shifting cultural norms, and various other factors.” Dr. Faust reclined back in his chair and raked his fingers through his wisps of salt and pepper hair, managing to expose even more of his shiny scalp than he intended. He swiveled his chair to better face Yaya. He let his knees collapse open a bit as he propped himself on his elbow on the table, folding his lips and tilting his head slightly upwards.

Yaya gray contacts grazed over the doctor’s overtly subtle invitation, but she remained rooted in her seat, neither leaning away nor forward to this failing mating ritual. The power dynamic rested squarely in her field but with this subject, a subject she could either take or leave… She leaned strongly on leaving it.

The nuance of the situation was not lost on Yaya’s audience in the slightest. The chat fluttered wildly with amused emojis and banter that Church’s eyes could barely keep up with it all. She only managing to catch a couple of entries.

BenSimpin4Yaya oh no no no no, buddy what is u doin?! 😆😆

JacobEdwards bruh really thinks he got a shot! Who wants to tell him???

CupcakeSorceress how DARE he disrespect da qween like dat 😡😡😡

RandallTV P A T H E T I C

CupcakeSorceress Yaya, step on me goddess 😚

Church chortled quietly to herself as she navigated away from the live chat to Twitter to see any breaking adult industry news. If Church was going to make good on her promise to increase the podcast’s revenue, she had to keep pace, if not, exceed the pace of cutting industry news and trends.

“So, Doctor, can you explain the sudden uptick in porn sites promoting ‘incest’ porn? What is that an indication of? Are we, as a society, on the verge of running out of taboos?” asked Yaya, taking her hand away from her collar and clasping both hands beneath her microphone.

“That’s an exceptional question, Yaya, allow me to give my thoughts on the matter. I happen to believ–“

“Sit up and speak directly into the mic.”

Dr. Faust scrambled to comply with Yaya’s command, damn near kissing the pop filter of his microphone. If there were any question about who the dominant personality between the two before this instance, that display certainly cemented who was in charge.

Though interested in what Dr. Faust’s theory was on the question asked, Church focused her attention on scouring Twitter for her saving grace. Unfortunately, tonight seemed to be relatively dry as far as adult industry was concerned. That is however until she saw the trending topic “#DaddyKnowsBest.”

She clicked the hashtag and a post from Evocative Entertainment popped up, it was only 4 minutes old, but the post read:

(1) We here at Evocative Entertainment are certain this news will upset a lot of good girls across the globe, but the industry’s Dom, Markus Holloway, has announced his retirement from the adult film industry.

Next post:

(2) To celebrate his prolific, decade long career, Evocative will be releasing a compilation of his best works titled “Daddy Knows Best,” exclusively streaming on evocative.com.

(3) Get an annual subscription to unlimited adult features and downloads for as little as $9.95/month using promo code: “Markus” (a 33% discount.) We appreciate your work, Markus. Thanks for the memories AND the orgasms. 😊😉

Attached to the post was the box art for the compilation Evocative Entertainment was peddling. A shirtless Markus, his muscles devastatingly defined and taut as he ran his fingers through his thick raven hair. There was a sheen to his body that complimented his sun-kissed complexion. His hazel eyes peering out, in search of women’s unspoken, perhaps even unconscious desires. Dozens of women’s hands spanning different ethnicities and sizes caressed his body from beneath him in literal worship, one lucky enough to grip at the top of his jeans and pulling down revealing that coveted deep cut “v.”

Church let out an audible gasp, drawing Yaya’s attention.

“Church, what is it?” she asked, glad to find an out from Faust’s droning.

“Uh– One sec.” Church looked at the engagement of the post. Seems as though only super dedicated fans of Evocative and Markus were in the loop thus far. She clicked the original hashtag once more to see the traction, it was low enough to capitalize on the novelty of the situation. “Breaking news, Markus Holloway is retiring from porn.”

“WHAT?! Since when?” asked Yaya showing genuine interest for the first time this entire podcast. “You’re bullshitting me, there’s no way ‘Daddy’s’ quitting. What are your sources?”

Church feverishly navigated the Twitter landscape to land herself on Markus’s page to follow and subsequently message him. This could be the goose with the golden egg she needed to boost the podcast’s revenue. An exclusive interview with the most sought-after male porn star currently about his retirement. Why now? What’s next? Where do you go from after porn???

Church opened Markus’s DMs and her fingers flurried over the keyboard to type out the following:

Hi Markus,

My name is Church Evans and I’m the Showrunner for Yaya’s Pillow Talk Podcast. It has come to our attention that Evocative Entertainment has announced your retirement from the adult film industry. I was wondering if you wanted to come onto Yaya’s podcast for an exclusive interview discussing your decision and what the future might hold for you. Trust and believe everyone here at YPTP are fans of your work and we would love to have a conversation with you. Our social media platforms equate to a solid audience of 310k subscribers and followers. Our live podcasts yield anywhere from 1.2k-3.1k live listeners. If you’re seeking a platform to really get your message out there, we here at Yaya’s Pillow Talk think we have the perfect platform for you. Wishing you all the best and we hope to hear from you soon.



“Church?” said Yaya, her tone oozing with impatience over Church’s lack of response.

“Yes, what??” said Church, her tunnel vision of securing Markus expanding now bringing her back to the present moment. “What was it that you said?”

“What are your sources?”

“Oh, Evocative Entertainment’s Official Twitter just announced it, not even…” Church clicked on the post again, “eight minutes ago.”

“What a shame… A man that fine should be communal dick.” Yaya returned her attention to Faust. “And what does your research state about Markus Holloway, Doctor?”

Dr. Faust’s jaw clenched as he muttered something about Markus being popular with the female demographics he’s sampled.

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