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The House That Never Sleeps

I’ve been here before

In the house that never sleeps

It used to sit at the end of a dirt road

Sick and alone

Kids tried to scare each other

Tried to make

The ghosts

Come out

They didn’t understand

Now it’s rotting

Like a sunken temple of horror

Left to play tricks

On hobos

And junkies

Look at it mocking me

Face like a jack-o’-lantern

I’ve never really left

Have I?

Never forgot

The evil behind every blackened door

How it showed me

Hanged men

In penguin suits

And bow ties

And little girls

Stuck in the cellar

Chained to their own filth

Does it still possess its power?

Or am I the one haunting it?

The door creaks open

I can feel it awaken


(or am I the one haunting it?)

Hello I say

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