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It’s a Baby boy!

Even as those crying angels, weeping at my face and appealing at the soft side of whom they had seen as their turning page, their death and willing judge, my own thoughts were onto the wild little hands that were grasping their eyelids with such violence, tearing bloodsheded blisters, looking up straight at my face. The crowded room swimming on the music of the radio, uncalmed above the second floor of a private kindergarten, the exploding scream of a child jumping over his mates, stepping faces, kicking and dusting robes, printing footsteps on shirts, I nearly fell on myself, taking some distance on the limited time i got before his claws as he began scratching my arm, trying to get to me, attempting to bite who knows what. My first instinct was to throw it away, but, How could I do that? A Child! Someone’s dearest being on earth, a hell of a birth product with such vulnerability that the simple throw and fall could kill, or worst, injure. The little demon got controlled after some candy dropped while I ran across the kitchen, but his friends were still waiting at the anteroom table. Those black giant eyes of the 4-year olds were deep and threatening.

At a single glance, I caught up my phone after milliseconds of vibrating, my reflexes were at the edge of danger, and so were theirs. “How is it going?” Asked my wife over the phone. I looked within the deadly threshold separating the monsters from me, giving a sign of life, like a hare at the field who has fully located its predator. They got the message, they knew that I knew, any scream passing throughout the phone could cost more than what they were willing to bargain. Wild and savage, those creatures were smart, looking among themselves, the doubt and unanimity was completely from the same perspective. They shutted up. “Great! They are quite harsh to each other, but we’re having fun” I said, with the obliterating eyes of their leader wide open, he stepped on his two feet. accepting the tone as a challenge, a disguised attack towards them. I myself expected them to pass over the word Harsh, but they got it. The intelligent speech which I tried to make vaguely enough so the intentions were well hidden, turned up trash. I had created a problem. “Harsh? If they are too much, I can come over. Do you need any help?”. I played myself, the strategy blew up as a complicated beginning of an excuse to cope with the consequences of the word Harsh the way I had said it. “No!” I said, elongating the O so I could eradicate the doubt, but nearly touching the cliché intonation, I failed. A sudden gasp and lip smack on her side took up widely accompanied by a harsh silence. Deep. “Oh okay, I’m still at the meeting, and will be back soon! See you later babe!”, the muack of a kiss and the hang of the call. The horde crushed me with the weight of their stare, the littlest one, from a shorter distance awaited until the flip phone closed itself so he could be sure the call was over. And when it did, all at once, consumed my soul, shitted on the floor, demanded cookies and screamed their lungs out.

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