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An Attempt

It’s difficult. Everything and anything seems like a challenge. How do you move forward with your life? How do you progress? How do you even start? Where do you start? Questions plagues the brain, filling your thoughts with doubt and fear. How? How do you break free from this cycle of self-doubt and fear? Especially when these thoughts keep you up and hold you back.

I wonder, daily, what is the point of my life? Why do I even exist if there is no progress or change within me? If I cannot make an impact in life, when I am nothing but a drop in the ocean, causing not even a ripple to the world around me. I sometimes even wonder, if I disappear, would I be missed? Am I even someone worth missing? These thoughts are like weights on my mind and sanity, keeping me down in the darkness, trying to grasp at the silver of light coming from a crack far above.

Overtime, everything is tedious, nothing is interesting, everything is dull, no colour is left. Realisation comes from the dull and lifeless world. When you are looking out from your monochrome life into the technicolour life of others. I realised, that people can live a colourful life, because they made an attempt. An attempt to fight the void and darkness inside and open up the world to colour and excitement.

This is my attempt. My attempt to break the monotony of life and rise in a blazing technicolour explosion. Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, I would rise to take my life by its reins and be my most honest, colourful self. For today, I start my attempt to be human again.

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