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The whole Laurie/Jo ship is anti-feminist

I got this comment on Instagram <3 (I really got the best listeners. You guys rock!)

“The whole Laurie/Jo ship is anti-feminist and it´s like the only way some folks can even comprehend her not being with Laurie is to imagine Jo as asexual or as a lesbian. Which is exactly the kind of assumptions misogynists make when women don´t date them. So it´s disturbing that´s what so-called feminist women will go”.

As anyone who takes Louisa May Alcott research seriously knows Louisa was in love with Henry Thoreau, and he is the model of Friedrich and tons of other romantic heroes in Louisa´s novels and Laurie based on Laddie Wisniewski, who was 10 years younger than Louisa. He was pretty but too immature for her.

This comment did remind of the times I have been called ace or lesbian, by guys who I have refused to date. It is misogynistic (for Greta Gerwig or anyone else) to assume that Jo refusing Laurie doesn´t make any sense because they find him handsome and completely ignore the way he is treating her. 

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