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Embracing Shadows

Embraceing shadows

Everyone is the hero of their own story. No one sets out to hurt anybody. How can  life we go so wrong.

We all deny the shadows that dwells within us. But that only gives it more power.

  Lurking waiting for it’s time to devour.After life seems to  turned it sour.

Waiting for that first sense of bitterness, To set in and take hold.Don’t be mistaken you’re in a battle for your living soul.

 anger and resentment you hold inside festers like a oozing boil. Ready to erupt at the slightest touch.. Obvious to everyone but us.

Only by looking at what we fear and dread that’s  within us. Face it with love and trust compassion is a must.

 Honesty knowing our perceptions are flawed. Is the only way we can ever hope to ascend this mortal realm.

Is to bring all our shadows too shine  our inner lights to shine love and compassion to our shadow selves.

Embracing Shadows with Forgiveness and acceptance is   always this first steps to being ourselves.

So we can overcome…

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