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Free Your Mind And Your Funk will follow

Everybody has times when we feel like we are stuck in life That we are a victim of our situation,

You are so powerful that you create an illusion of powerlessness?

Do feel ever trapped in your life or feel stuck in your career Or relationship.

Most of the time we tend to think that it is someone or something else That is preventing us from moving forward. Would you be surprised to find out That what is stopping you is in your own mind Not coming from someone else?

We all have blocks in our own minds called Negative identity beliefs. Popularly known as Limiting beliefs.

Most have heard of the fight, flight, or freeze response that takes over when a sudden stressor occurs Usually, initially, it take over but only lasts a short,

The more common and less talked about freeze response is trigger by an ongoing highly stressful situation. Like long-term mental abuse or that reliving trauma.

We put ourselves through over and over again. Most of the time we are seemly out of our control, when it takes us over with worry and anxiety, our stress level can become perpetual.

Many victims of abuse and traumatic experiences and dealing can be the negative thoughts and feelings can be very overwhelming

7 ways you can take today to free yourself from your funk.

Say NO demand respect remember people treat you the way you allow them.

Healing inner trauma we all have some sort of trauma

Or Whether it be resentment guilt and pain we carry

Try something new dig out your buck list and cross something off.

Mindshift, change your beliefs about yourself, Change the language we use, meditation

Take control of your thought patterns to change thoughts of worthiness or low confidence to more positive thinking.

forgiveness Surrendering Letting go of those the hurt you for as long as you have unforgiveness toward anyone else you can never be truly free

Revision is taking haunting memories slightly shifting examine other possible outcomes in the minds,

Trusting learn to trust your choices

Change perspective Looking at a situation from the outside, to remove Yourself from a situation

Make a plan, take action, and repeat

Once we realize our truth that everything is energy, That’s when the whole energy Dynamic changes.

We can rewire our brains so that they can mindfully approach. So we can overcome and not locked into the traumatic event with our minds.

So we can unleash our Inner power and truly start to create the life we want

We need to re-experience our feelings again afterward so we can w start releasing all the emotions trapped within our bodies and mind the act of releasing them can free us from our past it maybe one of the best preventable healing measures we can do for ourself, and just the feeling of a weight is lifted off us. so we are free to start to live our lives once

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