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Guarded Souls

Melissa stretched and yawned she was halfway done and 12-hour night shift, 5 more hours to go she thought,

Night shift tag on relatively well but you never said that out loud until your shift was over or at least that is what all the old-timers at this job said.

Should only be a caregiver for less than 6 months, it was a lot different than she thought it would be. You spent most of your time convincing your clients to let you help them. 

You usually had one or two up roaming around through it tonight but so far so good.

 Then she heard the scuffing of feet well so there she went and jinxed herself, she thought.

 Getting up to go check to see who is coming up the hallway figuring it was probably Downy wanting his midnight snack, 

He was one of those nighttime gorgers.

 he would not eat his meals during the day then he’d stay up all night and gorgeous elf on all the junk food he could get his hands on.

He would get up and eat every cookie and drink every drop of juice and chocolate milk it had in the place.

And would get hostile, Downright cranky when you told him that was enough was enough.  

Like he was possessed, sometimes she wondered when he let it goes odd giggles at nothing. Whether she should perform an exorcism or not.

He was the only person she could think of that on daily basis asked for them to call the police on him, so they would take him to the jail. Where he thought they would let him smoke.

As he suffered from COPD the doctor had taken his cigarettes away years before but the craving had never gone away

Getting to the hallway looking down she did not see any sign of anyone, that odd she thought. Starting to do her hourly round a little early just to check and make sure everyone was in their beds.

 Working alone usually didn’t bother her but for some reason tonight as she went in and checked the rooms she had shivers running down her spine. Although everybody seemed to be in their bed and sleeping she could not explain what she had heard.

She went back up to where she had been sitting and picked up her book got a couple of paragraphs in and then she heard the sound again like feet padding up the hall. 

Cursing to herself she jumped back up and went rushed to the hallway again there was no one there. 

But it was suddenly very cold. Pulling her sweater tighter around herself she went back to her book.

But she could not focus on it she kept on thinking about the sounds in the hallway this being a nursing home she knew that almost everybody that’s ever been here had probably passed away here so there was probably a nice spirit hanging around. 

I didn’t frighten her as much as it intrudes her.

 Again she heard the footsteps in the hall 

This time she does not bother to get up she waited and listened. Closer and closer they seem to come. The scuffing getting slightly louder.

For some reason, she felt a feeling of dread wash over her until now she had not felt an ounce of fear it was more curiosity.

What had changed she thought why did she suddenly have this feeling of terror of her blood running cold.  

Looking at the clock it was now 3:39 in the morning. The hour which most people die they say is between three and four am.  

Or at least that’s what some of her co-workers told her she just thought they were trying to scare her night shifts and now she was frightened. 

Some of the stories the other girls told when someone passes away the door would blow open or patient at the end of life care and see something that no one else could. 

It isn’t that she disbelieved in the spiritual realm it’s that she had very little experience with it.

Still, the footsteps seemed to ever slowly come closer. 

She couldn’t take it anymore uttering The Lord’s prayer to herself.

She repeated “I shall fear no evil over and over to herself” 

Finding the courage to go investigate but she was hearing 

Grabbing her flashlight but not turning it on this time she went to the head of the hallway again looking down there was nothing to receive she was beginning to think her co-workers were playing a trick on her.

 so she started her next round creeping softly and to each doorway peeking around the corner checking on each person and then going to the next. 

In the last room, she had to check she felt the feeling of dread grow until she almost panicked and ran the other way.

she steadied herself, she peeked in around the door and froze.

There was a shadowy figure and a long black hole standing over the bed standing over Downey’s bed. 


“Who are you and what are you doing in here “ she demanded 

The entity in the dark robe turned towards her in her horror the hood of the entity’s garment framed utter darkness. 

she felt rather hear it hiss “I’m looking for a soul to steal are you volunteering” as it turned towards her.

The scream tour from her throat, before she even realized it, she almost wondered who had screamed but immediately when you realized it had been her.

It seemed to be moving towards her suddenly remembering the light switch she flipped it on 

And the creature The entity disappeared as shadows free from light.

She heard running off and knew it was staff from the other end coming because they heard her scream

Oh, they were not going to believe her and she would never hear the end of it if she told them.

Still contemplating what she was going to tell them when she got there when they got there deciding the truth would probably get her a room so she kept it to herself.

Martha came up to her and said oh what happened oh I’m sorry there was a most in front of me and I screamed before I realized it Martha looked at Sarah who said “you all most scared the life of me.”

 Martha rolled her eyes but” you probley woke up the whole floor.”as she reached to flick off the lights switch.

“No”, she almost shouted. Giggled nervously. that Ok, I m going to ch change them anyway, it almost time anyway.

Ah Sarah could give me a hand.

After Martha left Melissa slowly unfolded what had happened earlier to Sarah, Sarah shivers you know I could feel something when I came in here I still can,

I have an idea Melissa said.” When I came in and foreseen it I started saying the Lord’s prayer and it seemed to weaken it and then when I turn the light on I couldn’t see it anymore that doesn’t mean it’s not still here. 

Maybe we should pray together even wake up Downey all three of us it was after him.

Well we’re not no priest Sarah flustered 

I’ll give leaving God Sarah I guess I don’t go to church well as long as you believe you will help us he will.

 And as long as you mean what you say.

So the three of them sit down Melissa said every prayer she could remember from the Bible and starting with the sinners prayer 

Then she played for deliverance and forgiveness Then Redemption. 

And slowly they could feel the heaviness the oppression slowly start to lift and has the sun rose over the Horizon the Holy Spirit of God in the Jesus Christ had vanquished the last of the the sinister shadows, That lerked trying to devour those at there weakest.

Souls to 

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