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To prowl and protect

 Clack clack her heels hit the sidewalk as she walks down the dark Street, the sounds slight shifts before feels the eyes drilling into her back . 

Stops she stops and spins around ready for to attack. 

Sees nothing as she looks back.

But she feels the presence

 And she knows she’s not alone. 

Quickening her step As she fumbles for her phone. 

Turning the corner as she did she could see she was being tracked.

Why wouldn’t he just leave her alone.

Disappeared into the Shadows

Holding her breath waiting for death.

 But then her sly shadow walked by.

After she had sent the mass text.

Slowly she began to follow staying in the shadows

Creeping along with her shoes in her hand. 

Matching her step to the man’s

   Suddenly he stopped and he spun around but all there was were Shadows to be found.

As she stalked him, silently she felt the thrill of the hunt,

  Finally ready She was like lionesses about to pounce on her prey.

But instead of the jungle on these mean streets from four corners a group of lionesses meet. 

Some with tasers others with Flatirons and baseball bats.

 Now the prey realizing that he is surrounded tries to run this way and that.

Knowing he can’t win but not ready to give up puffs his chest all up, as if boasting that he was a the rooster surrounded by hens


he spews vile insults thought that that would scare them and they would just just cluck off.

But soon he’d realize that he was done. 

when they found them the next morning stripped and dipped in wax rolled in feathers. And a sign on his back, beware we are the lionesses and we’re taking our lives back To prowl and protect

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