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Let Yourself Love Whoever You Love

The steady dripping of rainwater through the ceiling grounded me. I was using it for meditative breathing. Laying on my back, the cot was not as uncomfortable as I assumed it would be. They had thrown me, quite literally, into this cell a number of days prior. They had provided me with a cot and a rough blanket. I believe I could see bugs squirming on it. That did not deter me as I used a small cantrip to clean it thoroughly. The stone walls had evidence of prior occupants as tally marks, drawings, and what appeared to be an attempt at a hole.

I took this opportunity to change into more comfortable clothing. I had been accused at a ball so I was wearing a grand dress. Corset was included in that. It helped me create the illusion that I had breasts, but was terribly constricting when it came to eating. I enjoyed food and wanted to eat my fill. Corsets made it difficult.

A small square window was located at the top of the wall. Heavy metal bars made sure I wouldn’t be able to escape from there if I was twenty feet tall. It seemed a little excessive but then I recalled the fly spell and it made sense. This particular cell did not have any anti magic shield to it. Even with what little magic I knew I could still smash through the bars though.

It was easy to recall what had happened at that particular ball. The knights tied to the family I married into rushed the party and apprehended me. They loudly proclaimed something so outrageous almost nobody could believe it. Most of the attendees knew me quite well. Only I had been invited so my husband was not present. He would be off somewhere else doing what, or whom, he wanted.

They thought I had tried to murder my husband’s lover. They assume I cared enough about him to do it. For reference, I did not. I do not know if I could care any less than I do. Sure, there was a sort of fondness one establishes over time. Similar to when your parents gift you something you hate but you use it anyways and then mourn a little when it gets lost, gets damaged, or stolen.

It was a political marriage decided by the king. Neither family truly wanted it, but I noticed something early on. The king seems to be an agent of chaos. They quite enjoy making people’s lives miserable in that sense. Anyone could plainly see that this man and I would be a match made in Hell. How oil simply refuses to meld with water, I refused to meld with him. I was grateful for that lover of his. That meant he would focus his lust to her and I could touch him as little as possible. I could enjoy the hobbies I liked without reservation. I tried to get this across to them, but I must have fell short.

My breathing was interrupted by my “dear” husband entering. He had made it his new hobby to come and attempt an interrogation. It never ended well for him. I could not give up information that I did not have. I had told him this every time he comes, but I suppose we are speaking different languages. Either that, or he’s just that unintelligent.

“You would make this much easier if you confessed already.” He always started with that. This day was no different. I was always tempted to see if we could start to have the exact same conversation, but decided against it. “Roux has already given all the details on how you did it.”

“As I have previously stated: I have nothing to do with this. I would neither waste my energy, nor would I waste my time doing something like that.” I could not roll my eyes far enough back to express what I felt at that time. “I suppose it has never occurred to you that your lover might be lying to you. She may have planned that herself.”

“You still dare insult Roux?” I could almost hear his teeth grinding. “You could save yourself from the noose if you confessed.”

“I could also save myself from all of this if I bide my time and collect all the evidence I need against you.” I shrugged while adjusting my laying position so I was on my side facing him. “I have never had the habit of confessing to things I have not done.”

What he did not know was that there was a mountain of evidence against his little lover. I had easily obtained the necessary information that shows she had hired the assassins herself. It only makes sense when you consider what organization she had hired. They were very good at their jobs and would have killed her if that was the ultimate goal.

I never claimed that his lover was smart. Just look at who she seduced.

“I have also contacted his majesty on this matter. He has agreed for all parties involved to be wearing truth amulets supplied by him at the trial.” I smirked as he flinched. “It shall be quite interesting to see what comes of it.”

“I don’t know how you managed that but it will change nothing.” He was almost cute when he tried bluffing. I giggled a little bit. “You won’t be laughing as the life slowly leaves you as you hang.”

“We shall see.” I slowly got up from the cot and approached the small area where I stored food. Usually prisoners are only allowed the terrible food served by the prison. I was of noble blood though. I had my father obtain some things for me. The Dwandra Dukedom was quite influential and it merely took a small bribe to allow me this luxury. I then noticed something strange. “Is Roux not going to feign illness today? Usually someone would have run in screaming about it by now.”

Ever since I had been locked up in this cell, a routine had been established. My husband would come to interrogate me, he would take too long for Roux’s comfort, she would feign illness, he would rush back to her, rinse and repeat. She seemed to think that the entire time he and I were together we were making out or something similar. Roux did not seem to be the type who liked sharing.

After a brief moment my husband actually answered me.“She is out shopping with her friend at this time.”

“You mean the male one who she claims to be interested in the same sex but is actually deep inside her as we speak?” I knew who all of her friends were. She had a group of male friends she claimed were not interested in women. That was a complete lie. She was not only getting it from my husband, she was also getting it from them. I believe sometimes all at once. I do not judge, I simply wish she might have been satisfied with it without involving me in this way. I would have gladly divorced if either of them mentioned it.

With a pale face and sputtering for a response, my husband quickly left the prison. He used some excuse of needing to get back to work. Like he had any to begin with. I was taking care of almost all of the actual work. What he was given was almost like when a parent gives their a child a coloring book to keep them busy while the adults talk. The staff of his estate treated him like a toddler and that was quite amusing.

I gave him a jaunty little wave as he sped off. I was going to offer him tea, laced with laxatives of course, but now I was free to enjoy it on my own. While I prepared my tea and dinner, I looked through my evidence files. I did so every day so that I could see if there was possibly something that I had missed, or a better way to organize it. I had went above and beyond what I would need in case something happened that made me need it.

What I believed to be the next day came the first day of the actual trial. I was a little giddy with excitement as I was dragged in shackles. They were as tight as they could get them, painful, and one more thing added to the list. The king was sitting in the middle of the judges with a bored expression on his face. They were currently having a conversation with my husband. I could hear part of it from where I was standing too. It appears that little Roux was not pleased with having to wear the truth amulet. My husband was trying to obtain an exception for her. It was laughable. The entire point of them was so that nobody could lie even if they wanted to. For him to assume he could be an exception was absurd.

The room itself was spacious. It had the rectangular table that the 12 judges and the King sat at. They sat on one side so as to face the other participants of the trial. Each side had a small table where Roux sat with her lawyer, and I was to sit with mine. A small podium stood in the center between the two tables and where the judges sat. That was where witnesses would be questioned. Behind a railing, rows of seats filled with eager onlookers sat. There were many who awaited the trial of the season. There had not been many occasions where a commoner could attempt to press charges against a noble.

Plenty of men and women sat with notepads in hand. They had press badges proudly showing on their persons. The families related to each side sat glaring at each other. I should actually say, my family was staring indifferently while my in laws were glaring. Roux was tearing up as she realized she would not receive special treatment.

I couldn’t help but snort as I tried to contain my laughter. All heads turned towards me with mixed expressions. Some curious as to how I looked so well even after being in prison, some in disgust, some had hatred, the King looked at me in delight, and some simply there to watch someone dig themselves a hole.

Apparently I had been standing still for too long. The guard in charge of me shoved me forward with a little too much force. I was not expecting that and lost my balance rather easily. My face hit the floor quite spectacularly and I flushed a little. No apology was given as I was hauled to my feet.

My lawyer, a cousin of mine, happily waved his hand at me as I was directed to my seat. He was fully invested in this drama and had been eagerly awaiting the end result. Even if I lost, it would still be interesting to him.

“We shall now begin the trial of Quinene Dwandra VS Roux the commoner.” The King stood up to announce the beginning. I shivered in excitement as I allowed the amulet to be placed around my neck.

“This is going to be amazing. I am so excited to see how big of a hole Roux has dug herself by doing this.” I whispered to my lawyer. He nodded back to me.

“We, representing Roux, are here to give details on how one Quinene Dwandra hired assassins out of jealousy to murder Roux. Roux, being the lover of Ms. Dwandra’s husband, would have been a thorn in her side. We are here to explain in detail how the defendant planned and carried out this crime. We believe she has shown no remorse and should receive the highest punishment she can.”

“Does this mean that I can request the highest punishment for Roux if it is found that she did it to herself?” I asked politely. Yes, I interrupted the opposing side. No, I did not care about that.

“I advise you to remain silent until it is your turn to speak.” I was warned by the King. I nodded once and relaxed in my seat as best I could.

What commenced for the next thirty minutes was Roux’s lawyer going on and on about what a terrible person I was for targeting this poor commoner who was simply trying to make her life better. How it was so very common for people who were married to have at least one lover, even if love was present between the two. I zoned out after the first thirty minutes so that would be all I could relay on that. I think even my cousin, as well as the King, zoned out at some point. Most of us jumped a little when Roux’s lawyer loudly delivered the end of his speech.

Forgetting where I was for a moment, I started clapping. My brain went far away and forgot he wasn’t delivering a speech related to something else. People joined me though.

Next was my side.

“I’m simply here to do the opposite of what he said.” My cousin kept it short and simple. That earned some actual applause.

“Shall we begin the questioning?” The King clapped their hands once and motioned for me to go up to the witness stand. I nodded and allowed the guard to drag me there. I wanted to get the full prisoner experience.

“Is it true that you knowingly entered the Assassins Guild in the middle of the night and hired one to murder Ms. Roux?” Roux’s lawyer asked the big question right off the bat. When I answered with a simple “no” he paused. He glanced at the amulet around my neck and scoffed. “Her amulet must be faulty.”

“Oh sure, blame it on the innocent amulet.” I rolled my eyes. “It isn’t that your client is a lying sack of shit who planned her own almost death to get me out of the way. Not like I would have protested if she had simply approached me and asked for me to leave.”

“So you didn’t harbor any jealousy towards Roux for stealing your husband’s love?” Roux’s lawyer tried to press forward. “Can you deny harassing Ms. Roux on an almost daily basis?”

“I was actually very grateful to Roux. She completed the job I hated most in this loveless marriage. I hated having sex with that man. He always disgusted me and that hasn’t changed at all.” I gagged as I actually recalled one of the times when he and I had our attempt at making an heir. “While I wouldn’t wish him to be hit by a stray carriage, I would not care if he never touched me again.”

“You lie! You have always been in love with me.” As my husband proclaimed that, I realized something. He actually believed that. It would not be considered a lie if the person actually believed it.

“Mr. Valarnith, remain silent until we need you.” The King commanded in a very stern tone. They then muttered under their breath: “I certainly hope we never do”.

“If you claim innocence, how would you explain the money taken from your account?” Bless his heart, Roux’s lawyer gallantly tried to steer everyone back to the matter at hand.

“Indiana has allowed Roux access to that account since the beginning of their relationship. She has been using that money to purchase all of her new dresses and pay for her sex slaves.” I pointed out. My Husband didn’t even bother creating a separate account for his mistress. She simply drew her funds from my own pocket money. That is something that would be addressed in a completely different trial. With that, however, I produced my own evidence where it showed who had withdrew money and when. I had stopped using that money for anything. I figured it would be easier to get her for theft when she used all of my personal funds. That account was actually where my own paycheck went. I got paid very well for doing all of the work in the estate.

“How would you explain someone of your description entering the Assassin’s Guild?”

“I have a very common description. Brown hair and eyes are quite common. There is also someone in Roux’s sex slave group that looks quite similar to me. The cousin, disowned years ago for issues he had caused, is part of her group.” I pointed to a brown haired man in the audience. He flinched and tried to make himself appear as small as possible. It only ended up making him look more suspicious.

The crowd murmured as each question led to my possible innocence as opposed to damning me further. Each time I answered under the influence of truth magic, the murmurs grew louder until the King finally had to shout for silence. “Do you have any more questions for Ms. Dwandra?”

When Roux’s lawyer shook his head with a perplexed expression, my cousin pat his shoulder in sympathy. There wasn’t even a need for my lawyer to question me.

At the end of my testimony, I again allowed myself to be dragged back to my seat. It was Roux’s turn next. She was glaring at me from across the room. She was being held by my husband and that picture almost made me laugh. My Father in law was sitting in the audience seats cradling his head in his hands. I knew that look. It was what he did when he knew there was no hope left in a dire situation. He did that when the King made the official decree on the marriage.

Roux’s lawyer approached Roux slowly. It seemed like he was going to the noose himself. I could not blame him. He was getting ready to question his client and is mentally preparing himself for the inevitable unraveling of his case. He took a glance at the sheet of questions he had prepared and just dropped it to the floor. “Were you aware that you were using Ms. Dwandra’s funds for yourself?”

“I had a feeling I was, but I hadn’t been told I was.” Roux shrugged. I was a little surprised that she hadn’t been informed as to where her money had been coming from. “Indiana doesn’t receive much money for what little he does. There would be no way he could afford what he gives me.”

I had not known that she was aware of that situation. I suppose with how often he can go out with her during the day, someone who had at least one brain cell would be able to guess.

“Is it true that the assassins proclaimed that Ms. Dwandra hired them as they attacked you?” The next question came out of his mouth in a small voice. I could barely hear it.

“Yeah, cus that’s what I told them to-” Roux’s eyes widened and she clapped her hands over her mouth. Something a lot of people would not know is that the truth amulets almost force people to tell the truth. They find themselves saying things before they can even thing about it. “Wait, let me just- I need a moment to collect myself!” I could see her mouth itching to tell everything.

Nobody enjoys wearing the truth amulets. They are mainly used during war and when someone tries to kill a member of royalty. They were something that every nationality had. The person who developed them made sure that nobody could monopolize them. It was only deemed fair.

A break was called so that Roux could collect herself. As I ate the simple bagged lunch, I watched her try to unravel the magic involved in her amulet. It made me laugh. Even I, who was better at magic than she was, would never be able to dream of breaking through. I was only mediocre when it came to magic, and she would be less than that since she would not have had any schooling.

The trial began again after a few hours. Everyone had eaten their fill, other than me, and was ready to start the show again. The reporters had their pens ready to write down the juicy details. The court artist had made sure to refill any empty drawing tools. The two lawyers stepped away from each other after mine spent most of the break comforting hers. My husband went back to hugging Roux after glaring at me the entire time and the King went back to their seat after loosening the shackles on my wrists. The audience was discussing the previous events amongst themselves. Each group raising their voices as they tried to hear each other through everyone else talking.

I was feeling content with how this had been going so far and felt like everything would end up as I wanted. It would not surprise me if I was told I had a satisfied smirk on my face. The other side wasn’t so confident. “Do you think this will last much longer?” I whispered to my cousin. He shook his head in reply.

“We shall now begin this complete waste of time and money, sorry, I meant to say trial.” The King called everything back to order.

Roux’s lawyer was the first to speak. “My client would like to retract all charges made against Ms. Dwandra. After careful consideration she would like to apologize for any trouble caused and would like to claim this as a simple prank.”

If she thought she was going to get away with it, she was delusional. Thinking this, I turned to the King and cracked my knuckles before releasing the shackles. I might not be that great at magic, but the shackles were ordinary ones. They held no magic at all. It was easy to get rid of them. I cracked my head by tilting it to each side. I then stood and bowed.

“You may proceed.” The King urged me to speak.

“If I may be so bold, I would like to take this opportunity to file for divorce and turn the accusations around to Ms. Roux. She had caused me a great deal of mental anguish due to this trial. I had to stay in prison, my reputation was drug through the mud, I was put on trial, and my husband did not even give me the courtesy of remaining neutral.” I presented divorce papers I had prepared one night when Indiana was thinking about something else. He willingly signed it himself.

Before anyone judges me, I repeatedly told him he should read it before signing it. He ignored that and signed it anyways. It was a divorce where I would take almost everything from him.

The King read through it briefly before agreeing to that. He then turned towards Roux and gave her a very bias smirk. “What do you say in response to Ms. Dwandra’s counterattack?”

“This isn’t fair! How am I supposed to defend myself against her? I’m just a commoner.” Pitiful tears began pouring out of Roux’s eyes. I could see how she managed to attract many males to her. She was the sort that looked like they needed to be protected. She also had giant breasts. Even I wanted to shove my face into them. They didn’t compare to the one I actually loved though.

“Perhaps Ms. Roux should have considered that before accusing me of something I did not do.” I stated simply. “One must learn that their actions have consequences.” I giggled.

By this time, the divorce papers had been handed to my now ex husband to read. His face got worse as he read it. Not only would I receive his estate and title, but also get a portion of whatever earnings he would obtain form his next line of work. A shiver of ecstasy ran down my spine.

“Please, Indy, help me this once more.” Roux turned her tears towards Indiana.

“You think I can do anything?” He managed to squeak out. He shoved the papers at her, forgetting that she could not read, and started this hysterical laughter. Roux’s lawyer read the papers to her.

“How can this be? Why did you sign this?” Roux instantly dried her tears up and rage took over her face. Her source of major income was just dried up. She also began to laugh hysterically as her brain finally realized her situation.

“We think this trial shall continue on a different date.” The King stood and slammed his hands on the table he sat at. “We shall set a date later.”

“Wait, let me just make one thing clear before this all ends.” I quickly stopped everyone from leaving. I had been hinting at this the entire time I had been married but nobody got it. “I have never been in love with that man. I do not feel attracted to men. I never have. I am, however, in love with our King. They are the light in my life and I could not live without them. It pained me when they commanded me to marry that vile person.”

“I only did that because everyone kept telling me about how much you loved him.” With that, the King rushed to me. “I would have never allowed it had I known.”

“I told you many times about how much I love you.” The tears I had been keeping in started to pool in my eyes. “Every time we met, every letter I sent, I said it.”

“I thought you meant the love between female friends. I thought I was the strange one for loving someone of the same gender.” I could see how flustered my King was as they tried to get me to stop crying.

Utter silence came from the audience. The sheer shock of what had just happened hadn’t set in fully. Nobody knew quite how to react.

“Never command me to marry another man. Please, I couldn’t take it again.” I started sobbing.

“I won’t, fret not love.” My King began kissing my face all over. They were trying to kiss away my tears, I know, but they kept coming. “I have remained single because I could not stand to betray the love I felt for you.”

With those words, I burst into a happy giggle. I was quickly swept up in a tight embrace before I felt soft lips covering my own. It was almost as if everything had fallen into place. No touch had every seemed so right. No kiss so thrilling. My heart raced, my face turned red, and I wrapped my arms around their neck. Everyone else seemed to disappear as we continued to kiss. Our lips moved against the other’s and our heads tilted to provide the most contact.

We didn’t notice everyone slowly leaving the room as our kiss deepened. My King showed no hesitation before licking my lips for entrance. I happily complied and soon found myself sitting on one of the tables, my legs wrapped around them. Everything started to get intense and I was not going to stop it.

Now I know what you all wanna read next, but I will not describe just how my King and I have our steamy moments. You all can use your imaginations for that if you truly must. I am not in the habit of spreading every detail of my life. Just what I deem the most interesting. Just know this, it was amazing.

It did not take too long for Roux to be found guilty of theft. Trying to defame me too. She was sentenced to prison for a few years. I decided to be lenient on her. I figured that since she brought me and my King together I could afford her that. My ex was completely ruined as well. His family disowned him and last I heard, he was working as a laborer. It seemed to suit him better than being a noble. He learned to appreciate things a bit more when he had no money at all to spend. He actually ended up marrying a nice, but stern, lady and started a family. I was worried about him reproducing at first, but thankfully his children take after their mother. He is completely whipped by them.

My family itself didn’t change. There would not have been any reason for them to. My parents continued being themselves and my siblings went on with their lives. The only difference was that they had a lot to mock my ex in laws about now. One part of nobility is trying to grasp onto something to mock other nobility about. It is simply a must if you want to be a part of high society. Commoners might not understand, but I think the word for it is schadenfreude. Seeing someone miserable and laughing is generally human nature.

The wedding between my King and I took place a year after the trial. A few laws had to be changed, but nobody protested after I convinced them. Some would say threaten, but I will not deny or confirm that one. The only issue the other side had was about an heir anyways. As soon as we mentioned the fact that the brother of my King had already had a child, they settled down. You don’t need to produce an heir yourself when you have family members to do that for you.

To this day, my King and I are together and they are already bugging me to give them attention. I shall end it with this message: love who you want, don’t ruin your life by trying to ruin someone else’s, and always stay regular in your actions as well as your bowel movements.

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