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Come Back – Carol 62

Hey guys,

It’s Carol, I was just writing this letter to see how you guys were doing. It’s not the easiest form of communication, but being blocked on social media, you know, just forces me to think outside the box. So I just wanted to see how everyone was doing, and how things are going between everyone, you know?

It’s been, what, like, a week? Gosh, I’m barely even keeping count, sorry, but I was just wondering how much longer it’ll be before I’m able to, you know, come back and hang out with you guys again.

I know why I was temporarily kicked out, what I did was shitty, like, really shitty, but it’s starting to affect my actual life as well. I’ve been sleeping through my classes, not paying attention, and just sleeping throughout most of the day anyways.

I only fully get up whenever I’m starving or whenever I have to go to work, and even then I’m barely even paying attention there either. It’s gotten to the point where my boss even started to notice, but I told him that it was just because I was tired, since I didn’t want to get into it with him and cause any more drama.

So yeah, I was just wondering when things would be going back to normal, since I really miss you guys, and I hope that, despite what I did, you guys miss me too. Just let me know what you guys think is enough time, and I’ll be willing to wait for it to get you guys comfortable enough to trust me again.



Hey again guys,

I know you guys said that you’ll have to think about it, and I get that completely, not trying to rush anything, but it’s been 2 weeks now, and I just want to make sure you guys didn’t like, forget about me or anything, you know?

I’ve been managing to get up more and focus more on my classes, but I haven’t really had the strength to do much else unless I need to. Whenever I get up to eat, drink, or do anything else, I get these bad thoughts in my head. They don’t go away either, and they keep telling me how if nothing goes back to normal, I won’t have a reason to live anymore.

I know that it’s just an exaggeration, and besides, you guys wouldn’t just abandon me like that, I know you wouldn’t. I just wanted to make sure that you wouldn’t though, just as some confirmation, you know?

Again, not rushing you guys or anything, I just wanna be back with my friends again and not have any more bad thoughts! Just let me know whenever you can!




Are you getting these? It’s been 3 weeks now, is everything ok?

Please let me know, I’m starting to get worried, and the bad thoughts are starting to get overwhelming. I just want to know that you guys haven’t forgotten me.

I know I did something terrible, really, really terrible, but I’ve spent days, weeks, crying and regretting it, and I’ll never even think of doing it again. So please, anything, any answer will be ok. Just please tell me that you still know about me.

Please guys. I miss you.

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