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Dollar General Employee Shows Kindness in Action: “The Impact You Have by Being Yourself”

Emily Duncan has been working at the Dollar General in Vienna, Illinois, for the past few months.

Thousands of viewers on social media recognized the 25-year-old woman’s recent act of kindness after she went viral for the way she treated an elderly lady.

What are the details?

Gerald Swindle, a professional bass angler, happened to visit the store on that day. He also wanted to be out as soon as possible, according to Sunnyskyz.

“I get up to the cashier, and an older lady was checking out, she was talking to the cashier, the young lady, and telling her all about herself,” Swindle recalls.

He did get a bit frustrated initially, but then he paused and noticed the life lesson that was unfolding in front of him. So, he decided to share the amazing story with other people on social media.

“You were so patient with this lady. You did nothing but engage with her. You welcomed her and listened to every word she said, and you never rushed her. You showed me what people ought to be. You should always embrace that and not rush people out of a conversation. You could be the only person they get to talk to this week. You inspired me, so I appreciate it,” Swindler said, as the outlet points out.

Several members of the corporate leadership from Dollar Store paid a visit to the Vienna store last week. They praised Duncan for her dedication to serving customers and always being helpful. The woman received a plaque, $1000 as a donation to Vienna Grade School made in her name, and flowers.

“This is all kind of surreal. I never expected this to come about because, to me, it was just a regular day. I went to work and was doing my job,” Duncan said for The Southern Illinoisan.

“What I’ve learned is awesome – the impact you can have on people by being yourself, working at the Dollar General,” she concluded.

Photo credit: Emily Duncan / TheSouthern.com

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