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Random Azz Stories: July 27th, 2022

Coming of Age…….

I saw a story on Sharon Stone earlier. The 64 year old Stone was taking pics on bikini. Now back in the day, let’s say 25–30 years ago, that would be awesome news. She might break in the internet. Now I’m pretty sure she looks okay in the pics but that ain’t the young Sharon Stone. I’m talking about the “Basic Instinct” Sharon Stone.

Now seeing her in a teeny bikini back then would have changed your life. Especially that movie and that scene. The fellas and I bet some ladies as well, know what scene I’m referring. I’m pretty sure a lot of us came……………..of age while watching that entire film. Ms. Stone was a hot little thang back then. You couldn’t tell her nothing.

Celtic Pride?

NBA superstar Kevin Durant is still in the news. The latest team to join the Durant sweepstakes is the Boston Celtics. The runner-up in last season’s finals are, reportedly, in talks with the Brooklyn Nets about aquiring the 12 time all-star. The Celtics would have to give up all-star Jaylen Brown in order to get him. I don’t see them doing that on account of Durant’s age and his injury history.

Matter of fact, I don’t see Durant being moved at all this summer nor should he. I believe the Nets will have a good team this year. Plus, there are no clear cut title favorites in the league this year. They’re going to have Durant, Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons, who’s going to have a lot of prove, and a returning Joe Harris who they didn’t really have healthy all season long. That team is more then capable of making noise out east.

Mo’ Money

Big news for all of you gamblers out there. Oops, I mean lotto players. The Mega Millions drawing tonight is now a staggering 830 million dollars. That’s a lot of coin. You know how many whoppers you can get for that. Now if you read this article and you decide to play lotto and you win then I deserve a piece of the take. You don’t even have to give me half. I’ll gladly take 20–25 mil. Hey! I’m easy.

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