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Introduction – How I was born in Crypto Meta-Verse

I have always been a bit of a confused soul. I somehow end up doing the opposite in life. Like, for instance, rather than taking the straight shortest road, I somehow end up taking the road less traveled, maybe not traveled at all, more time consuming, draining and difficult for sure. That’s a short gist of me. Of course, there is way more to me than that. So I have decided to make my introductory post through a series than one single post and this will be a bit by bit revelation of my life’s story. All stories are unique and I hope mine is too. I am still confused about a name for the post. Right now, I will settle for whatever comes to my mind and later I might change it. Any suggestions are surely welcome.

This is the part where I start telling something about myself. I wonder, where to begin. A story needs to start somewhere. But I think stories without defined beginnings and endings are the most beautiful ones. I have always been mystic and maybe that’s why I don’t uncover so easy.

However, to get anywhere I have to start somewhere. I think let’s start about how I got into blockchain.

I started my blockchain journey back in 2016 when I met an old colleague of mine. The conversation got to investing and investing got to crypto. I had no idea what it was, neither the crypto or the blockchain. I had faintly heard of bitcoin somewhere and remembered it to be some sort of gaming reward tokens. Anyway, this friend of mine told me, he had made some serious money on Ethereum and other alt-coins.

I was drawn to it that very moment.

You know how greed is. In next two days, I had invested a good deal of money. Again, no clue what it was but I only saw money. I wanted to make quick money and guess what, I did. I learnt a little about exchanges and how to place orders and stuff. But again, no education on crypto or trading.

Slowly, I had put in an investment of $15000 using all my money over the course of next 18 months. My investment on BTC and ETH had almost tripled. A $15000 investment was sitting at $40000. But, like they say, good things don’t last forever. Mine didn’t either and came the crash of 2017.

The world was in awe of BTC. Everyone was talking about it. Some were calling it the future of investment, while others were rooting for the bubble to burst. Maybe I should have taken a hint but I did not. Guess, it’s always easier to analyse and be a little harsh in the hindsight. So, as it had to happen, BTC bubble did break and my investment ended up being less than one-fourth of what I had invested.

Now why did that happen? What could I have done? I could have sold and gotten lucky but why didn’t I. One answer – Lack of knowledge. I had zero trading experience and  no knowledge of the underlying technology. A perfect recipe for the impending disaster. And that is exactly what happened. When the market was booming, I ended up converting my ETH and BTC to some really bad projects(lack of knowledge and no research) because ICOs were booming and everyone was talking about it. When the market crashed, my investment ended up crashing worse than the market crash(lack of trading experience). I ended up being broke and all thanks to me, I had betrayed my own self.


That was a little gist of the story to share the importance of research, knowledge and experience especially when it comes to this world. You need to be clear about the projects. Most of the people invest TO GET RICH and end up being broke. The ones who end up making money are the ones who mostly know their projects well. It’s not like shooting in the dark. If anything, you need the NVGs to counter the dark. Since then, I make it a point to use my NVGs to see through the darkness and understand projects and their use cases.

What happened further is a story for another article. For now, I am still trying to figure out how this platform works. I did post some articles earlier which had no audience and am still trying to figure out the reason. Maybe, some good samaritans here can help me understand. Of course, my earlier posts were not originally written here. I had posted them on other platforms before here and maybe that’s one reason.

For the rest of it, I still don’t know why.

Do share your crypto story. How did you get into the crypto world? How was your first step? What got you here? I will be thrilled to have your comments to know your side of story after all, conversations are two way and stories are best when shared both sides.

May be a cup of coffee to go along. I almost forgot, I love sunrises and sets.

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