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Philosophical origins

I remember when all adults who surrounded and swarmed were philosophers of mighty origins!

Being but a wee and dull chappy I took it all in.

Shit me, it took years to unlearn your crooked ways!

You said, “…I have no pension… you must have your own pension separate from the works in case of liquidation and…”

Upon every visit it was always rehashed, not just too me but others also.

I was seven!

“…I worked from when I was a youngster, never did me any harm… you’ll thank me in the long run.”

If I don’t work the least amount of hours out of all the people I have ever known I’d kick myself in the spleen! Promise my life on this one.

“Get a house”

I’ll live cheaply as possible for as long as ever.

“…Should always crave promotion…sink your teeth into a career.”

No thanks, I’ll sit at home and dream about making a movie. Might write a novella or eight.

“What about holidays, don’t you want things?”

I average six a year. My clothes are always being added too.

“Right now class we’re are going to learn about…”

“Are we sir, really? or are you just stabbing time until you give us answers because none of us want to be here and the second I leave I can’t remember what I’ve already forgotten.”

Some of the teachers, gave up and lost their minds

I didn’t help

In a way I sped up the recovery process, they were all living many lies.

I find,

           it’s integral to listen awhile if you’re on the same slipstream, enjoy the tune, find peace in differences, but never give advice because everybody’s all slanted and volatile in their own unique-haze and odds are they’ll do the opposite or something in-between just to piss you off…

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