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.. to do wrong!! A poem

An original poem by D St James

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

. . . to do wrong
by D St James

A tongue so arrogant

with wild ambitions

 … believing 

 ….. a creed

Stretching in the dust

nothing more than

 … a hindrance

 ….. in vain

Allies swarm

the demons aid

 … formidable

 ….. deprecate

A field of fame

Disgracing countries


 ….. people

Offering battles

the noble ones

 … misruled

 ….. wounded

An easy conquest

Pillaging the frail

 … conquest of 

 ….. acreage

Defeating families

Perhaps too easy

 … injustice

 ….. lives on

As always feel free to share your thoughts, I am always open to ways of improving or diving deeper into the heart of things.

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Write you laters,

D St James 🎭

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