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Greetings, if you are a digital creator I believe that one day you went through these things:

SCRIPT: One of us all made a mistake in the writing of the script, especially those who one day started empirically, without study, just saw other influencers and started doing, what happened after that?

Few views (For YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram)

Little access (Sites and Blogs)

And then comes the frustration of not succeeding in this area, questions about why it doesn’t work, even I, an influencer, face moments when the content I produced doesn’t yield as much.

And I want to emphasize that creating content is not easy no matter what platform will always be laborious so be sure to create content that helps, searchable content because only a content creator knows how much it hurts to see your posted content not be consumed but you gave your best, dedicated time and study, only that it is not always so, sometimes we creators do not do it the right way, there are many ways to make good content and engage because this is our biggest goal, other people, call it loyalty audience when people like your content they start to trust you and when they trust you you’ve earned your fourteenth salary.

I started a career on YouTube in 2016 as a content creator with Christianity, Gospel Music, and Dramaturgy as a niche, but why didn’t it work?

In my country, this is a novelty and when something is new it will please many as it will displease many and this is what happened, my content was displeased more than pleasing and my channel didn’t start to be recommended.

And this is the most obvious frustration in the life of a Digital creator…

2. SEARCH METHOD: When a person searches on a certain content/subject, he begins by writing keywords in the search bar so that the search engine brings him the desired content/subjects.

So as digital influencers we should take advantage of it, but when we don’t have the knowledge we don’t take advantage of it and this is the second mistake we make, we create content for ourselves if I can say so, it’s even funny when you grow and evolve in this area and start to realize the mistakes of the past that were the real reasons that made our work not pay off.

We should use favourable search mechanisms such as:



CHAMATIVE TITLES (In this case create content that anyone would look for and put texts that catch anyone’s attention)

3. COMMUNITY: Maybe you are asking yourself why COMMUNITY, yes, if before we became digital influencers we knew that having a community on social networks helps a lot in the growth of our YouTube channel, our Blog or Site wouldn’t have been frustrated with the lack of growth of our work.

The community of people who directly support the channel is essential and works, and it can be:




People who receive your content first hand, so it must be attractive, convincing, content that adds value to people and not content about you just as if everyone knows you on the INTERNET, it doesn’t work like that, we should create content for that through our content people want to know us, after that we can show more about ourselves without losing the focus of helping people with our content.

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