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Some of us feel in negative emotions the powerful energy of creation; as if our whole mind became much more receptive to stimuli, much stronger to deepen feelings, much more ingenious. Sadness thus designs itself as a fertile ground for creativity.

“Creativity in sadness is a defence to get out of it.”

Often creativity in sadness is just a means to find solutions to that feeling. A way of escape from pain, self-defence, a remedy for a mind that is negatively shaken.

Sadness is internal, it is ours, very much our own. Sadness will probably make us know ourselves better and more deeply and for that reason, it is the way of opening to our more creative side.

And if you research deeper you’ll discover that the greatest works of great artists were created in moments of sadness, sadness isn’t a good feeling within the subject of emotions but it triggers in our self-knowledge, it is in moments like this that we discover that we are capable of going further.

This is the reason, sadness makes us reach self-knowledge and this is all it takes for us to activate creativity, to understand that we are capable, that we can, this makes us more confident, I also don’t know how to explain why sadness makes us reach this.

But one thing I do know, after everything has passed you’ll be proud of your creation and if you are very wise you’ll be able to unblock this and create as many times as you want without always depending on being sad, in one or two times that you realize this you will already have unblocked what prevents you from creating on another level.

My best works of art, my best ideas came in moments when I was sad and it’s like I said in the beginning, creativity comes to send sadness away, so sadness awakens creativity and gives the place to it.

I had a great idea in honour of Messi leaving Barcelona being signed by Paris Saint Germain, I did a Photoshop manipulation where I replaced Neymar in the image and put a picture of myself to say I will play with Messi until finally and when I posted it people loved it, my friends praised it a lot and shared it a lot on social media, but I thought of this while I was very sad.

My Photoshop manipulation

I could write many examples of my creations when I was in sad moments but I leave it to you to identify with your own life experiences, I can only say don’t be dependent on sadness to create, don’t be dependent on anything, be it drinkable or smellable just be yourself, study a lot about self-knowledge.

Know yourself, explore your interior, our creations don’t come from somewhere else, they come from inside of us, it means that we should take care of our interior when many times we do the opposite, we take care more of the exterior and less of the interior, the interior is what we truly are.

And to conclude I leave a message to all creative, be who you are your art will demand it from you, the same way that some will not like, many will identify and love their creations and not only love as consume and share it with everyone who possibly has the same tastes.

I thank you for reading until the end, help me with a simple gesture by lift so many commentaries, if you want to give me a gift, share, it will contribute immensely in motivation to continue writing, hugs.

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