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I almost killed my friend

When we finish our lessons, I usually left for home pretty early, as soon as the school bell rang.

Ugó devised a scheme to keep me in school a little longer. As a result, he decided to grab my lunch box and flee.

I used to be very proud of my lunch box. It was a two-in-one item. There was a food and water component that could be fixed together and separated. It wasn’t like the ones in the neighborhood. It was branded. 

I had to chase him around the school, begging him to return it. I wasn’t in a playful mood, which he didn’t seem to notice.

My mind was racing. I was frustrated to the point of tears, and the most vexing part was that he was laughing the entire time. I was fed up when he ran to the golden gate that was roughly 400 meters from the school. I picked a large concrete that was nearby, I had my sights set on his head, and threw it at him. It was pretty heavy, which is why I missed.

 If only he hadn’t dodged, I’d be telling an entirely different story, probably ‘how I killed my friend’. He screamed and handed the box back to me.

He never did it again after that. And he could tell when I was in a playful mood or not.

I believe it was on that day that we became close friends.


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