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Endless Love

Chapter 15 ~ Back To Normal

“What the actual fuck, Lyla, what are you doing,” Alex shouted into the room. Lyla could feel the anger radiating off him. She crossed the room with him, reaching for his arm and missing. She could now feel the pain he had been holding inside when he was standing at the door. The reality of what she had been doing that evening hit her like a train.

‘What have I done, what have I done,’ she thought to herself. Every inch of her skin burning and crawling from the thought of what occurred hours before. Deeply, she felt satisfied, like something had been missing from her life – was it sex, or was it human touch. She wasn’t sure, but she tried recalling the feelings she had with Alex. Her heart now shattered with his at the weight of her actions, she fell to her knees. “Alex, Alex, I’m so sorry, I thought I knew what I was doing, but I clearly didn’t,” she cried out.

Alex whipped around to see her bawling on the ground, her wine glass fallen next to her. He finished his mission and punched Clark in the jaw, then collected Lyla from the floor and carried her out the door. “Can you promise not to come over here anymore,” he pleaded as he walked her back to her house, and she gave a sullen nod. He kissed the top of her forehead and continued across the grass.

Clark, left dazed at what had just occurred, collected himself and disposed of the wine bottles. He teetered through his house, cleaning up the messes they had made then dragged himself up to his bed. He smirked to himself as he recalled what had happened there and passed out on the bed – forgetting the spilled wine downstairs.

Alex made it through the door with Lyla and brought her up the stairs to her room. He laid her on the bed, and she clung to him still; afraid that if she let go he wouldn’t come back. He pulled her off his neck, then headed back down to Clarks. He began cleaning the wine off of the floor, and went looking for her clothes. It was about an hour later when he found them in the playroom, and the room disgusted him. Thoughts of what could have happened in there playing through his head.

As he left, he locked the door behind him and walked back to Lyla’s. He made sure not to make too much noise as he came in, and had finally noticed Lyla’s mom snoozing on the couch, as if she had been waiting for either he or Lyla to return but couldn’t quite make it. He flicked the lamp that was lighting up the room off and headed up the stairs, and stopped at his door, then decided against it and went for Lyla’s room.

A small gasp floating out of the covers as Lyla noticed he had reentered the room. He dropped her recovered clothes onto the floor and crossed the room. He slid under the covers with her and snuggled into her, tenderly caressing her arms. “I don’t know what happened over there, and frankly, I don’t want to know, but I forgive. I just wanted you to hear it,” he whispered as he ran his fingertips over her lips.

Lyla was afraid he could hear her heart beating out of her chest. It was so amorously full for him, and she leaned up to kiss him, realizing that was the one place that was still untouched from Clark. After spending two days with him, she realized he had touched or ravaged every inch of her body but her lips, but Alex had touched every part of her except the most sacred place that she so willingly gave to a stranger.

She silently cried into Alex’s arm the rest of the night regretting everything she had done, a small part of her deep, deep down inside her still thrilled by the events, and wanting more. The biggest part of her wanted to stay as she was in Alex’s arms forever, to feel as wanted as she did in that moment. She promised Alex she would never go back over to Clarks, and she meant it, but a small sliver of her wanted to meet with him to know more about this part of her that had awakened.

Some point in the middle of the night Lyla had finally fallen asleep, but Alex had not. He stayed awake listening to her breathing, and her seldom sniffles, he thought about how he felt with everything that had happened. Alex knew that he still admired Lyla very much, but wasn’t sure if he loved her now that she had been with another man. He would decide by the end of the week if he was staying with her for the summer or going back home.


The next morning, everything that had happened the night before had hit Lyla. She tried to roll over, but was blocked by a sleeping Alex, so she climbed over him, and slinked down the stairs. She ran into her mother in the kitchen and was met with a hug. “Oh, I’m so glad you didn’t stay over there another day, and who’s the cute boy who’s upstairs,” she asked. Lyla ignored her and began making coffee, then turned to her mother, gulping down her coffee black.

“That’s Alex, he spent the week staying at our condo, and I spent the week getting close to him,” she confessed, gasping after having chugged her coffee, which was still warm. She began making her breakfast, thoughts running through her mind of the previous days. She hadn’t noticed her mothers mouth hanging open, but when she whipped around, she burst into laughter at the sight of her, “what, you’re not the only one who can find me a suitor, I can do it too,” she giggled.

“I didn’t know you were even looking for someone, I never would have harassed our neighbor into getting to know you,” she gaped.

It finally hit her, “oh, did you know he works with dad,” she asked, aggravated. “They’re business partners, and to be honest mom, I wish you hadn’t introduced us either. We did things, things that I now regret,” she said solemnly. Her mother lifted her face by her chin.

“Do you love that boy that’s upstairs,” she asked, serious. Lyla gave a pert nod, a small smile spreading across her lips at the thought of having named the feeling. Her mother also smiled at her, “well, then it will play itself out for the better, or you’ll have to work some things out.”

Lyla thought about her ‘love’ for Alex and felt warm inside, she knew she loved him, but she also knew she hurt him deeply. She wanted to start Alex’s day out right after their first encounter since the condo hadn’t been very good, so she made breakfast for him then brought it upstairs to her room. Lyla woke Alex up with a kiss, and set the tray of food down next to him, “I made you some breakfast, I know it won’t make up for yesterday, but it’s a part of my apology for yesterday,” she confessed, still embarrassed for the state he found her in.

He looked at her and smiled, “I’m not mad, but I figured today we could talk about all that happened, excluding all the graphic details,” he chuckled, taking a bite of the eggs Lyla prepared. She nodded in agreement, and sat down next to him, watching him eat the breakfast she made for him with contentment.

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