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Endless Love

Chapter 17 ~ Hold Me More

“I cannot believe that degenerate, Lyla honey, I’m sorry Clark did anything to you. I should have looked into him more,” she apologized, not knowing Alex and Lyla had talked everything out. She took Lyla into a hug and kissed her forehead, “if he comes near you again, I need you to let me know so I can kick his ass, okay?”

Lyla nodded her head and hugged her mother again, and whispered in her ear, “Alex and I are okay again,” she pulled back to see her mother beaming at her. Her mother then hugged Alex whispering something to him. He chuckled as she let go of him, and they all sat down at the table.

“So what does today look like,” asked Alex, now that he had decided to stay with the ladies for the summer. He noticed he seemed to have a thing for staying with ladies; especially if Lyla was involved. Alex looked to Lyla, then they both looked to Lyla’s mother.

Stephanie rolled her eyes, then put her hands up, “well, I don’t know about you two, but I have to get to the shop to sell and put arrangements together.”

“Mom, we can go with you, it’s not a big deal, right Alex,” Lyla asked, she turned to Alex.

“I don’t see a problem with it, as long as you two are okay if I tag along,” he stated, not at all put off by a flower shop. With everyone agreeing about what the day held for them, everyone went to their separate rooms to get ready for the day, then met back downstairs in the foyer. Alex looked at everyone and was the first to speak up, “so we will meet you at the shop, I’m going to take Lyla somewhere first.”

Lyla’s mom raised her eyebrows at Alex, and smirked them off. She got in her car and headed off to the shop, and Alex led Lyla to his car. He held the door open for her and ushered her into the passenger side. He typed something into his phone and set his phone in the holder attached to his dash. His GPS began speaking to him, and he followed every direction until they were in front of a very prestigious jewelry store.

Alex jumped out of his side of the car and raced over to Lyla’s side to open the door for her. He took her hand and walked her into the building, “Hey Jerry, it’s Alex did you get what I asked for?” The man behind the counter nodded and disappeared behind the desk to a room in the back, he then appeared back out to the two, holding a small box.

“Got it right here, sir,” Alex and Lyla stepped closer to the counter and looked down at what the man procured. A small, shining pair of earrings and matching necklace; Lyla gave a small gasp and covered her mouth. Tears started down her face as she saw this magnificent gift that she didn’t deserve. Alex paid the man, grabbed the box, and led Lyla back out to his car.

“Why,” Lyla gasped.

“Well, if you’re serious about US, then I want to show everyone you’re mine,” he proudly admitted to her. The tears began pouring down her face again as she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. Once Lyla let go of him, she began giving him the directions to his mother shop, ‘Smell Me More’, which was a play on words for ‘hold me more’; her mother was always a fan of love, which is why she was always doting on her daughter to find someone.

They arrived at the shop, and walked in beaming from what had occurred at the jewelry store, Lyla’s eyes shining as bright as the necklace as she walked up to her mother. “Oh, my, Gods, that’s so beautiful honey, Alex, did you get this for her,” Lyla’s mother asked, astounded by the set he bought Lyla. She took Alex into a hug and whispered something in his ear, and he nodded back at her after she let go of him.

They went about their day making arrangements and selling flowers, and the two had their fun as they did it, making games out of everything they did. Alex found that he really enjoyed being with Lyla, and seeing what her everyday life is usually like when she’s not a student, even the messy parts. He gazed at her from across the shop once or twice that day, admiring her from his side of the counter; he looked away anytime she caught him.

When it came time to close the two headed home while Lyla’s mother left to pick up food, and when the two arrived at the house they used that time for themselves. The second the door shut behind Alex, he picked Lyla up and wrapped her legs around his hips and headed up the stairs, their lips locked and passion pouring out of them. Once he reached Lyla’s room, he set her down on her bed and slid in with her and began kissing her neck; his breath was warm on her neck and sent shivers down her body.

His hands slid from her back, down to her hips, and his grip tightened only slightly. His body then tensed, and he sat up with haste, “Lyla, I’m sorry I should have asked before I started this.” After he caught his breath, Lyla reached up and pulled him back down to her to continue what they had started.

When they heard Lyla’s mother come through the door they paused, then sat up waiting to see if she had heard anything. When they felt like she had not they got up, fixed their clothing, and headed down the stairs. Lyla’s mother had brought home pizza, so everyone grabbed their slices and found a spot at the table. They began reminiscing about the different people that had gone to the shop that day, laughing about some of the silly reasons people needed flowers and cheering Alex’s great effort.

Unexpectedly, there was a knock at the door, everyone had assumed it was Clark, finally over his black eye and hangover, but it had turned out to be Lyla’s father. Behind him was his current fling, Jaxon, she looked to be maybe a year older than Lyla, but no older than twenty-six. “Alan… What do you want,” her mother’s aggravation seeping through her teeth.

“Oh, hey Stephanie, I just wanted to speak to Lyla bug,” his nervousness was present in his voice. Lyla’s mother glared at her ex-husband then turned back to the table and waved Lyla over, not once leaving Lyla’s side. “Lyla, baby, I’m sorry about what happened with Clark, that should never have happened, and I’m heading over there right this moment to speak with him about this incident,” he said, obviously trying to be a good parent.

“So, it’s just an incident to you? I lost my virginity, Alan, that was supposed to go to someone special,” she yelled at him, anger rising in her throat. She balled her fists and her mother put a hand on her back to let her know she was still standing with her, “why don’t you and your little play thing go, I don’t want you here if you can’t treat this as something serious.” She slammed the door in their faces, then went back to the table.

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