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Endless Love

Chapter 18 ~ Fuming

    Lyla was still fuming from the conversation with her sperm-donor and his baby wife, and she began slamming doors everywhere in the house. Neither Alex nor Lyla’s mom wanted to get in her way, because they didn’t think it would be a smart move with her as angry as she was. Lyla had been upstairs when there was another knock at the front door, and this time Alex went to the door to answer it. He was met with Clark this time, who was sporting a now deep purple shiner on his eye.

    “What do you want, Clark,” he mumbled, ready to slam the door on his face and be mad with Lyla.

    “I just wanted to apologize to Lyla,” Clark then lowered his voice, “I really don’t want to lose my job, you get it right?” When Alex heard this the anger that had already started bubbling reached its limit, and he no longer had control over his body. He felt his fist connect with something hard, it was Clark’s face, and this time it was Clark’s nose that had absorbed the punch. Blood started dripping on the concrete underneath him, and he pulled his hands up to his face quickly, then ran back to his house.

    Alex glimpsed at Lyla’s father in his car across the street and glared at him from the door, his fist missing some skin from the second punch he had thrown that week. Alan’s, Lyla’s father, eyes widened from seeing Alex in the state that he was in, and drove off with such a quickness that tire marks were left on the asphalt. Alex smirked and shut the door, the bloodlust leaving his body.

    Lyla’s mother came around the kitchen corner with two ‘Bloody Mary’s’ in her hands and handed them both to Alex, “would you be a doll and go take this other one to Lyla?” He chuckled and nodded, then headed up the stairs to find Lyla. She seemed to be nowhere until he could hear sniffling coming from outside her window, so he stuck his head out the window and looked up, where he found Lyla crying on top of the roof.

    He lifted both ‘Bloody Mary’s’ up to Lyla, then climbed out of the window and up to Lyla to join her. He put his arm around her shoulder and whispered to her, “what’s wrong, a lovely lady like you shouldn’t be crying all alone on top of a roof.” She laid her head on top of his hand, then kissed it.

    “I just can’t believe my sperm donor just won’t take this situation seriously,” she sobbed, more tears cascading down her face. Alex pulled her into him, and held on to her until her sobbing ceased, and when she had finished, he wiped away her tears, then kissed her face.

    I sort of smiled then said, “well, if it makes you feel better, he sent Clark over to apologize, but I think I broke his nose. There was a lot of blood, and I think I scared your dad off,” he chuckled to himself. Lyla looked up at him, astonished, and then burst into laughter with Alex. She imagined what Clark looked like when he showed up at the door, and how he must have looked after Alex punched him.

    Thirty minutes had passed, and the two had finished their drinks and headed back into Lyla’s window to go downstairs. Stephanie’s voice jolting them, “and just where have you two been? I’ve been calling you guys down for drinks and games for hours!”

    “Mom, we were on the roof, you know I can’t hear anything out there,” Lyla giggled. Her mother threw her hands up then sashayed to the kitchen, she came back with more drinks in her hands and set them down on the table in the living room. She waved them over and pulled out adult games for them to play.


    Lyla rolled over, and was met with a hard floor, because she had rolled off the couch. Pain now surging through her entire body, her head hurting the worst because of the gigantic headache that was emanating from her brain. Lyla was experiencing the worst hangover she had ever experienced.

    She looked around the room and spotted Alex leaned up against the wall, his chestnut brown hair covering his eyes; Lyla’s mother nowhere to be seen. Lyla’s bladder had felt like it was about to burst, so she carefully got to her feet, so as not to make the headache she had worse. She finally spotted her mom who it seemed had been trying to make her way back up to her room, and failed, as she had passed out on the stairwell.

    Lyla giggled as she passed her mother, and quickly ceased because it had hurt her head, and went into the bathroom. It mortified her at what had happened to her makeup; her face now looked like a racoon, her mascara had run, and her eyeliner had smudged. She used the restroom, then tried to fix the mess that had been on her face. She didn’t look the best, but it was better than where she started.

    When she came out of the bathroom, she saw that Alex and her mother had reanimated themselves and started their days, because they were no longer in the spots she had left them in. A small groan came from the kitchen told her Alex was in there, so she headed that way first; Alex had been standing at the sink gulping down water from the faucet, a small pile of pills waiting in his hand for him to take a breath.

    “I take it you’re hungover too,” she murmured to him, taking the bottle of painkillers that had been next to Alex and downing some for herself. She waited for Alex to move from the sink so she could also get some water, and when he did, she gulped down just enough to get the pills down and headed to the fridge and grabbed out a water bottle. “I don’t drink like a heathen all the time,” she joked at him, she pulled out another bottle for him, and tossed it to him.

    “Lyla, what say we get into a lot of trouble around town today, of course, after our hangovers subside a bit,” he smirked at her. She nodded slowly, ready for the adventure that awaited them.

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